The Pinkies


The Pinkies. The Sister Session.
Day before Thanksgiving, 2007 . . . it was unseasonably warm and Carl and I took a lunch date to Panera.  On our date, we were talking about a photography project that Alex Abercrombie (awesome photographer!) had told me about. So, on a whim, Carl said, “Let’s try it!!”  We went to the local teacher supply store and purchased a piece of bulletin board paper. We taped the paper to the slider on the back deck, and called the girls in for some fun.
The girls gathered their favorite dress up costumes, and we collected “girlie” props . . . tiaras, tea pots, furry kitties, and hot pink sunglasses. Lily, age 4, was first.
Next, came sweet Caroline, age almost 6.
Caroline is the most quiet of the three sisters, but fortunately, she does have a freak flag, and she will occasionally let it fly!
Kristiana Grace, age 10,  waited so patiently for her turn, and it was well worth the wait! 
Kristiana is “free spirit” in every sense of the word. I hope she never loses that.
One of the best things about this photo shoot is that we had the assistance of Carl . . .  chief foot cleaner, body positioner, and overall encourager.
Sisterhood is the most precious gift in the world . . . I know, I have the best sister in the world! (my sis-in-law’s not too shabby either)
For me, this is pure joy . . . behind the lens and in front of my daughters.
Building family memories one click at a time . . .
thanks for stopping by! 

4 Responses to “The Pinkies”

  1. Kath! Oh, my goodness! This was absolutely pure joy to scroll down one at a time! Have you ever seen such beauty? And what fun mingled with what love! i love that you have such a loving, giving, creative partner in your heart and in your everyday life! i LOVE these pictures! oxoxox

  2. kathyfreundel Says:

    Yea, I am the most blessed woman in the world to be gifted with these three precious girls . . .plus my six guys! love you, deb.

  3. Donna Smaldone Says:

    …like eating pure sugarcane! I love, love, LOVE your girls!!! Each uniquely made, they all represent the love and purity that comes from you. Thanks for letting me kidnap them from time to time so I can get my fix of genuine sweetness!! I love you, Friend!!!!!!!!

  4. These are very nice too! What did you use to get the pink so smooth looking? Keep it up!!

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