Date Night 4

Date night. My turn to plan. And the last two weeks have been pretty crazy with “life as we know it.” Hoping to plan something romantic and unique,  I set my camera on a tripod, set it on timer mode, and set out to capture “us.” Carl and I worked together, in our jeans and tee shirts to construct a set using furniture, props and lighting from around the house. ( I am so grateful that Carl is always up for helping me to actualize my creative whims) That part was surprisingly fun, as we had to talk about what we wanted these photos to say to our children. (Most of you know that our oldest is 14 . . . our youngest is 15 mos. . . . and there are six in the middle.)  


 What we want our kids to know is that even in the midst of crazy every day life, we LOVE being married. For us, marriage is an adventure.  We fall more in love each passing year, and yes, we still find each other . . . well . . . hot.  I remember a piece of advice that came from my Dad . . . and he and my mom have done marriage better than anyone I’ve ever known. “Marriage is not about what you can take from the relationship; it’s about what you can give to the relationship.”   

Date Night 5

After creating the set and experimenting with the lighting, we changed clothes, and took the photos.    We laughed so hard because after each shot, I jumped up to reset the timer. Eventually, our twelve year old, Tim, wandered downstairs to see what all the fun was about. So, basically, we recruited him to be the trigger man on the shutter.


Date Night 7
One hundred twenty seven exposures later, we entered phase two of our date. . . set breakdown, and viewing. As we sat together up in bed, we were thrilled to see that we were able to capture the essence of our relationship on film.  
 Date Night 8
Hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in our date night.
Keepin’ the home fires burnin’!!
Date Night 1 
Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to leave me a message and
keep checking  back . . . I’m hoping to get more on soon! 
Date Night 9 
Keep musing! Kathy Freundel
p.s. thanks, Kim Green, for your help!  

15 Responses to “DATE NIGHT. MY TURN.”

  1. Kathy,
    You never cease to amaze me! I have a huge grin on my face right now after looking at your blog. You are such fun and creative and real. It’s great. Thanks for sharing…I needed that. Love you, Tee

  2. kathyfreundel Says:

    Thanks, Tee. You have always been one of my cheerleaders. You are pretty amazing yourself!! Love you right back. Kath

  3. Kathy………..i don’t know how you do it, but everything that touches your heart and sparks an interest inside of you turns into the brightest most wonderful flame i’ve ever seen. You are absolutely amazing! This piece of art takes my breath away. i am NOT surprised at all, though, considering from whom it comes. These pictures are wonderful. No one would ever know they hadn’t been done after months of preparation and in a professionally designed setting. You bring tears from my heart to my eyes at the mere thought of it all. The power of love. i’ve never known a couple more in love and more dedicated to one another and their family. And if by chance the magic and creativity of your photos was not enough to blow someone away, your gift for telling the story would definitely be enough to send them over the top! i could hear your laughter in your writing. i love you and your zest for life. You are a remarkable woman.

  4. Kathy,

    You have done it again! The fruit of your life is beautiful and full. Thank you for giving us this glimpse of your relationship…”because He first loved us.” You and Carl so willingly share the goodness you experience with the rest of us. It tastes great and calls us on! Thank you for your open heart. It is clearly a place where streams of life flow.

    Love you, girl,


  5. kathyfreundel Says:

    deb . . . WOW . . . these words are gold in my ears, coming from one of the most amazing photogs I’ve ever known. YOU have been in my heart for going on twenty years, giving me advice, teaching me and cheering me on. I can’t wait to post your link up in that corner that says “Chex Mix,” and then all who visit here will see your work and know what weighty praise you have given to me. I love you right back, deb. Kathy

  6. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Kathy… wow, wow, WOW! Your poetic love for one another truly comes to life in these photographs! You never cease to amaze me with your stream of creativity, which pours forth not simply because you posses it but because it’s part of your being’s life-giving breath. I’m so glad you decided to share it! If your goal was to capture the essence of your relationship to share with your children how much you adore being married to one another… then (in my best soccer announcer voice): “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL” However, you’re kidding yourselves if you think you need photos to show them (or anyone else), as your adoration and commitment for one another is just one of the things your friends and family love and admire about you. You spur couples on to seek and find a similar flame in their own marriages. Thank You for being true to who you are (and speaking of that, …do love your “come hither” look!!) Your admiring friend, Donna

  7. kathyfreundel Says:

    Anita . . . I remember visiting your blog for the first time about a year ago, and hoping that one day I would have something creative to pour out, as you have done for years. Your Easter vigils, your book, your textiles, your jewelry, and your design for the Twin Towers monument have been an outpouring that has touched my heart. You don’t know how many times I have said to myself, ” . . . how does she do it with seven children?” Now I have tasted it. God puts it in there, and it screams to be released. So you are right . . . “it’s because He first loved us.” It is because He loved us that I met you all those years ago when you traveled half way across the country, and we learned that we shared not only a birthday, but a whole lot more! Love you, K

  8. Kathy-
    WOW! What a beautiful job you’ve done! You have such a gift and i’m so proud of you following that dream and touching my heart. The love is so raw and evident in each and every picture and it brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face picturing you and Carl working on this together. Love, Andrea

  9. Wow these are very nice. I love the colors and setting! you did a great job!

  10. Really lovely photos; great work!! Carl reminds me of Colin Hay…esp. when he’s holding the acoustic guitar! 😉 Really nice lighting and set, too. The one with your head on his leg really reminds me of a famous portrait of Anne Boleyn!

  11. kathyfreundel Says:

    Donna . . . thank you for taking the time to view this site. We have so many things in common, and watching you and Skip love one another has spurred us on to work, work, work on our marriage, putting it above almost everything else. I watch you do that with grace, laughter, joy and creativity, and soon we’ll be viewing your romance shots here!

    Andrea . . . I’m really sad you guys won’t be coming to Baltimore . . . we sure would have fun with you down here. Thanks again . . .you were the very first one with which I shared the photog dream. I remember that you said, “If it doesn’t work, you’ll just go back to what you’re doing now . . . and that’s not too bad.” Great advice . . . gave me courage to go for it! Thank you!!

    Jenna . . . from one photog to another . . . thank you for your encouraging comments. I have loved seeing your work, as well.

    Amkii . . . thanks for your kind comments. I’ll have to start calling Carl “Mr. Vegemite.” Hey, I LOVE your logo. Very cool.

  12. Great pictures, the lighting really adds a great effect to the pictures. I really like the guitars in the background, Im guessing your husband is a guitar player?

  13. Kathy – the last image is my favorite!!!! it is really a challenge to be on the other side of a camera if you are used to being behind it… I think you guys managed to “be” on the other side. That is great. Truly special photos for your kids… I am stealing this idea!!!!

    BTW – this one blog post has gotten more comments than any of mine ever had and you just put it up!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoo!

  14. *splat*
    The sound of my lower jaw smacking into the floor, when I read that you have 8 kids. I just had my second, and have been reconsidering my desire to have more. I was browsing your site, and totally admired your photography and association with NiLMDTS, but that little detail shot my budding respect and admiration for you into another level. I love that you guys seem to be not “just barely surviving,” but thriving and enjoying life and family. 🙂

    BTW, NiLMDTS made me cry. I never knew until now that this existed, that what you all do can be done, but how needed it is!!! I wish I had known earlier. I’ll be telling everyone I know about it.

    Sorry that this comment is not at all related to your post!

  15. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Thanks so much for reading this post, and, congratulations of your TWO blessings! I never set out to have a large family, but like you, after having my first two, God began to change my heart. I am so grateful that He did! My family gives me so much joy, laughter and richness of life.
    Yes, please get the word out about NILMDTS. It is an amazing outreach, and I am honored to be a part of it.
    Keep lovin’ those little ones!

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