Udio Edge . . . Uber Talented . . .


Steve Gibson 5


Marketing genius, Donna Smaldone and I met with the super talented Steve Gibson of Udio Edge on Friday afternoon in his Asian inspired office in Owings Mills. 

Steve has been working on designing for our husbands’ band, Haystacks Calhoun.  We were blown away by Steve’s designs.   


Steve Gibson 2

We had given Steve some of our ideas for the band’s logo . . . some of our likes and dislikes. Fortunately for us, he basically let our advice fly in one ear and out the other. He created some awesome, creative logo samples that blew our expectations of what a band logo could be!

Steve Gibson3 


And the icing on the cake was this . . . Steve has designed the most creative packaging ideas ever. Totally non traditional, very hip, cool and incredibly well designed.  

His packaging is ART.

In fact, I booked uber talented Steve Gibson to do my logo. Udio Edge. Owings Mills, MD. Check it out.





One Response to “Udio Edge . . . Uber Talented . . .”

  1. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Mr. Stephan… the most amazing (and truly fun) graphic guru going (DING (that’s the idea light going off over my head)… perhaps THAT should be his new name, 3G!) Love it. Love YOU, Kathy! Donna

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