Date Night. Smaldone Style.

Skip & Donna 1

So here’s the Smaldone challenge at Oscar time.  Skip draws up a game plan for himself and his wife, Donna, to see every single movie in the major awards categories!!
They do this year after year so that they are able to fairly vote for their Oscar picks.
Skip Donna 2 
They graciously let us in on the Oscar action this year, inviting us to take in There Will Be Blood.  What an amazing performance by Daniel Day Lewis. I overheard a guy sitting in the booth behind me in The Yellow Brick Bank in Shepherdstown, WV refer to Lewis as, “the best new actor since Russell Crowe.” That’s what you get for being choosy accepting acting roles.  
T.B.W.B. was a riveting movie . . . the only drawback was the group of ladies that sat behind us . . . they were on a girls’ night out and didn’t get the memo that the movie wasn’t a comedy.  Do you think, “You’re just a baby in a basket” . . . is . . . funny? Gotta see the movie to get it.
Great movie. See it. We did and loved it.
skip and donna 3 
Well, they saw MOST of it. 

2 Responses to “Date Night. Smaldone Style.”

  1. Donna Smaldone Says:

    WOW… who is that SEXAY man? WOOOOO…. I am a lucky girl indeed!! (especially with friends like you and Carl. we love you guys. thank you for not only indulging us in our obsession – but for “getting us.”)
    Love, Donna

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Yea, you are a lucky girl . . . but you’re a major score for Skip, and he knows it! Kristiana spent quite a while figuring out that last photo *-) Love you too!

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