Harper’s Ferry and The Hillbrook Inn


 The Hillbrook Inn in Charles Town, WV is unmatched when it comes to romantic getaways. Carl planned the trip as a Christmas gift, and so I had the month of January to look forward to my weekend away. Our friend deb edge, suggested the Hillbrook, and it definitely did not disappoint. 
We spent the morning in Harper’s Ferry, WV with our cameras and each other. We found the coolest old fashioned diner on the main drag in Charles Town, WV.
The only thing cooler than the decor was the great people who worked there. 
Love the look on the gentleman’s face at the soda fountain.
Downtown Charles Town has some of the most eclectic shops . . . definitely worth a trip.
We found a retro shop full of reproduction coke machines, tin signs and diner booths. Beautiful. 
We booked the Spring Cottage at The Hillbrook. The room was just perfect. Carl had sent ahead a box of candles, wine, rose petals, and special little romantic gifts as a surprise, and the staff at The Hillbrook had it all set up in our room waiting for us.
Dressed up and ready for our seven course dinner at the Inn. 
This is my man.  
Dinner in the living room of the inn. Our chef was trained in France and made the most beautiful meal ever.
Seriously, our room cost $24/ person because we were there on January 24th. Then, we paid for dinner and breakfast. If you are looking for an indulgent but totally affordable getaway, check out the Hillbrook Inn. It was magical!

2 Responses to “Harper’s Ferry and The Hillbrook Inn”

  1. kimberlybrooke Says:

    that guy’s look says, “Who’s this hot shot out of towner smooth talking my waitresses?”

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Yup! Kim, you are right on the money!

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