Timing is Everything . . .

That’s one phrase that my friend, deb edge, uses all the time. She’s been a dear friend for close to twenty years now. I met her when her daughters were in high school and she came to shoot the drama teacher’s plays at the school where I taught English.  Here’s a lesson in timing.  deb and I met and became fast friends. She was one of those parents every young teacher desires. Her daughters, Kristen and Joy, are full of light and enthusiasm.  We formed a little theatre company in the school . . . Mr. Freundel directed the plays, I choreographed them, deb shot them, and her daughters acted and played all manner of roles in the company. 

So, here we are, almost twenty years later, and both daughters are grown with families of their own. I became Mrs. Freundel, stopped teaching at the school, and started having babies.  deb found herself newly single, and began to build a new life for herself.

She has become a successful photographer/ artist shooting weddings in the Baltimore/ Washington corridor and shooting fine art photography from Frederick to Paris. She sells her incredible prints and greeting cards in downtown Frederick, MD. Her company is called “i am real.” Perfect name, because she is real and beautiful and so full of love and life.deb & Jim1 

Then, at the perfect time, deb and Jim found one another. They both describe their relationship as a beautiful surprise at this time in their lives.  They met online, and they had their first date at the Brick Ridge Inn in Mt. Airy, MD. They hit it off right away.  What did it for Jim was the sparkle in deb. What did it for deb was the deep well of Jim’s soul.

deb & Jim2 


Well, the wedding is on May 9th. It is going to be out of this world. A celebration of life, love, and fresh starts.

 deb & jim 3

 Here they are with Todd Bricken, the owner of the Brick Ridge, who actually kind on hosted their first meal together.Todd makes the most amazing meals . . . we’ve never been disappointed with ANYTHING at The Brick Ridge.  Can you believe this lady has two grown daughters?? She and Jim are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

deb and Jim inspire me because they live life out of the box. They are a beautiful couple, inside and out, whose time has come.

Timing is everything.  


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