Valentine’s Day Tea with the Kelly Sisters . . .

 . . . has become a much anticipated part of our Valentine’s traditions.
This gathering of lovely young ladies was once again, the highlight of our February.
Two weeks ago our beautiful invitation came in the mail . . .
. . .  the long anticipated, handmade invitation from the Kelly sisters, Hannah, Allie, and Lydia. This has become an annual Valentine’s tea in their beautiful home, and these sisters have learned the gift of hospitality from the queen of hospitality, their Mom, Tee.  Just read the words of the invitation, and you will get a glimpse into the heart of the Kelly family. 
The afternoon’s festivities began with the Virginia Reel, and the ladies did a fine job following the teaching of Hannah Kelly.
Any misstep was overshadowed by the din of clapping and laughter.  The contagious giggles of Allie “Sunny” Kelly was an encouragement to all. 
Princess Kendall observed the activities from her throne at the front of the ballroom.
 Old fashioned parlor games succeeded the dancing and all the ladies were delightfully spirited.
 . . . rapt concentration . . . 
. . . a joyful countenance . . . 
 . . . concentrated focus . . . 
 . . . were the hallmarks of the afternoon.
Our hostess, Lydia Kelly, wore the most delightful black and white dress, and an even more stunning smile.
Precious Lily helped to serve and clear the dishes.
 The lovely Christina eminated her beautiful light. 
Beautiful Abby displayed the most beautiful etiquette at tea . . . 
. . . and watched over younger sister, Katie.
All these ladies are beautiful on the outside and inside.
And, the big little brother honor of the day goes to . . .Micaiah Kelly
 who was a gracious host, willing dancing partner, and all around great guy! So, thank you, thank you, thank you, to the Kelly’s, who have loved, guided and encouraged our family in so many ways over the last ten years. We are so grateful for you!    

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Tea with the Kelly Sisters . . .”

  1. awww Ms. Kathy that is sooo cute! Thank you soo much for your encouragment! We had the best of times! Afterward we said that was the best one ever and Lyd still hasn’t stopped talking about how much fun she had with Kristy, and how she cannot wait until we get together. We should have a girls day out somtime! Well anyway the pictures are beautiful! I have to come over some time with my camera and learn from the master=) We love you guys sooo much!

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    I’m certainly not the master of photography, but it would be fun for you to bring your camera and we can experiment together!! Thanks for visiting my blog, Hannah! Love you!

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