Two hats, one daughter, one sweet memory . . .

One of the things that Kristiana and I love to do is to grab a prop (in this case, a couple of hats), head out to the backyard, and play fashion model. I can tell that this is one of Kristiana’s love languages . . . quality time . . . so I try to carve out opportunities for us to do this together.


I shot these on my Fuju S5Pro body, with a Nikon 70-200 lens.
This one was taken at 116 mm, f/ 2.8, at 1/800 sec.  
I love to shoot the kids wide open. (lowest aperture setting) 
Then, I applied an antique grayscale effect in Lightroom.
Nothing in Photoshop . . . Kristiana needs no touch up!! 🙂 
She takes my breath away.  My firstborn daughter. I want to be just like her when I grow up . . . 
Supremely secure, full of life and laughter, and extremely forgiving.
For those of you that know her, she’s my second set of hands, as the oldest daughter of eight children. Her Dad has nicknamed her “Treasure” and “the healing balm.”
She’s my girl. People say she looks just like me, and I say “Wow! Thanks!”

2 Responses to “Two hats, one daughter, one sweet memory . . .”

  1. wow! very nice shots of her! love the colors and expressions!

  2. hey i was looking at these past posts and Kristi is such a beautiful gorgeous girl inside and out! her little heart touches so many people and her smile wins them over!!! awww i love Kristi! keep rocking this world for Jesus my sweet little friend!

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