Swiss Roll . . .

Ooo . . . what’s this? I like the looks of this box. Wonder if I have to share any with those people sitting around the table?
Anyone know how to open this? . . . I’m only one and just learning how to maneuver my opposable thumbs. 


WooHoo! These  aren’t too bad. It’s freedom in a Swiss Roll! Mom and Dad were right, there is a God who made every good thing.
Wonder if He knows Li’l Debbie?
What? You want what?  Just what do you mean by a bite, cause I’ve seen your bites.
Besides, I’m all out.
What, oh you mean this hand? Well, okay, I’ll just take one more little nibble and you can have the rest. 
Oh, you mean you wanted THAT Swiss Roll. But it’s in my tummy now. Maybe I can find you some crumbs down in my seat. 
Here, I saved you some on my fingers. But don’t bite . . . and don’t beg for anymore, it’s not dignified.
“I’m only one . . . and you have no idea what I have to put up with down here. If you could answer one humble prayer . . . please, Lord, send more Swiss Rolls . . . soon.

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