Backyard Soldiers

I have a squad of backyard soldiers . . . their gear consists of swords made from wood in the workshop, plastic laser tag guns that no longer work, repelling rope, a bucket of cashew nuts, and army jackets that were left to us by a friend that has since moved away.  This is their interpretation of that song that they’ve heard and sung, “I’m in the Lord’s army . . . YES SIR!”  . . .  HOURS of entertainment on a beautiful spring day.


To see their imaginations at work, and to see their interaction with one another reminds me of the blessing of homeschooling.
That they have the freedom and time in their day to play pretend is such a gift, and I hope they remember these days of imaginings forever.
I believe real life is “school” . . . seizing every opportunity to create and explore, binding heart strings with a brother or sister, just being children for as long as possible. That’s why I am thankful that we can create a home to inspire a love of life and learning.
And although each day brings challenges and opportunities to model patience, kindness, and love, (and I say that humbly, having many failures under my belt) each day really is a gift that I treasure.

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