In Like a Lion . . .

That’s a celebration around here . . . it means that we will soon be able to play outside for hours at a time . . .
Although it was really windy, and actually pretty cold, we were happy to bundle up and head out to the backyard to run around for a couple of hours. 


Caroline (6) and William (7) are no longer content to use their play set as designed. It becomes acrobatic circus equipment when they get the urge to challenge each other to brave new heights.  Since Caroline got the cast off her leg two weeks ago, she has been unstoppable. 

Sweet Lily, (4) is still completely thrilled by swinging . . . REALLY HIGH . . . 
Today, Kristiana (10) contemplated digging into her play house for a good spring cleaning, but the thought was just too overwhelming. I understand, completely. 
So, she and Carl found William’s rocket airplane and had a little fun of their own, using the wind as a rocket booster.
I’m so glad that spring’s just around the corner.  We’ve worn a path around the inside of our house where the kids have run circles using up all that extra energy.  It brings me such pleasure to see them running around in the back yard with BIG HOPEFUL SMILES on their faces. 

2 Responses to “In Like a Lion . . .”

  1. Kathy,
    I have been so blessed by your blog! The photography is absolutely beautiful…keep it coming!

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Jenna, I know you can relate to the hope that spring brings, as you are raising all those beautiful boys! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for always being so encouraging to me.

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