Dawn Shilling is EVERYTHING NICE . . .

Doesn’t it make your mouth water?  This food smelled and tasted INCREDIBLE!! And, it was a ton of fun to do this photo shoot. I went to Towson, Maryland on Saturday to watch Dawn Shilling, owner of 
Everything Nice, LLC
prepare for a large benefit/ silent auction.  Dawn, a personal chef, caterer, and my sis-in law!!,  specializes in custom meal planning and preparation, special events catering, and elegant dinner parties.  Clients include busy moms that want healthy meals to serve to their families, adult care givers who want healthy, fresh foods prepared for their aging or convalescing loved ones, and busy singles that want a healthy lifestyle, but don’t have the time or energy to prepare fresh meals. Dawn also caters events of all sizes and menus. Her business is growing really quickly . . .  and this is her SECRET . . . 


Our family has always known that Dawn expresses her creativity and pours out her love through her culinary gifts. 
That’s been AWESOME for us, because Dawn is always bringing new and beautiful creations to our family gatherings. 
But now the rest of the world gets to taste a bit of heaven on earth! 
Dawn has created an extensive and diverse menu of the BEST foods! With the help of her friend, Kristen Glassman, her food is homecooked, amazing, and I’ve never seen food presentation as enticing!
Every single thing was YUMMY to the nth degree. (and I did try it all . . . except for the shrimp salsa . . . and I was sorry for that after I heard everyone talking about it!)
It was so much fun to help with the event. As I was photographing the event, it made me smile to see people coming for seconds and thirds. They were happy folks!
If you are planning a special event, or if you just want some variety in your menu, you should SERIOUSLY give Dawn a call. I promise . . . you will not be disappointed. Click on this link to go right to her web page.    . . . and, her awesome, new flash website is under construction. Bookmark her. 

3 Responses to “Dawn Shilling is EVERYTHING NICE . . .”

  1. Hey Dawn-

    My mouth is watering…how about catering our Kanon spring get together for clients? We are thinking about doing something at the end of April…


  2. I just saw this wonderful entry, and was so amazed at Dawn’s work, her care and attention to detail, the artistry of it all, that I just had to leave work right away and pick up a burger at Checkers! Her food made me starving! Great job, Dawn! Everything seemed so lovingly displayed that I am sure that anyone part of that evening was fortunate to see and taste her gourmet work. And beautiful pix, too.

  3. thanks much, guy

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