Brides Maryland Networking Event at Linganore Winecellars- Berrywine Plantations


BRIDES.COM’s  Mary Glorioso hosted a beautiful event last evening at the most incredible location. Her attention to detail made this event both fun and profitable!

The venue was this gorgeous 230 acre estate in the heart of God’s country. It’s the 4000 sq. ft. Abisso Banquet Hall on The Aellen family’s wine plantation located 4.5 miles northeast of New Market, MD. Owner, and plantation manager, Eric Aellen, shared some of his family story with me, and it’s amazing and inspiring. Check out this family’s history at  Lingore Winecellars . . . and spend some time looking at this gorgeous facility. Eric was a warm and engaging host for the evening . . . the Aellens would bring their “family welcome” to your next special occasion.


 The event was catered by Dionysus Kitchen.Chef, Paul Dongarra, created delicate and unique appetizers and desserts that were scrumptious. We LOVED the mashed potato station . . . to attempt to describe it would not even do it justice . . . let’s just say, we were parked there for quite awhile.



I attended the event with Kim Green of Kimberly Brooke Photography and her sister, Becky. The company couldn’t have been better. These are the most gorgeous sisters, and they are even more beautiful on the inside! I love this photo of Kim taken by photographer, Kelly Holder at Love Affair. Kelly captured Kim’s playful spirit . . . I love it! This photo is from Kelly’s Blog . . . Kim has some really exciting news . . . she has a secret project that she’s unveiling soon . . . check her blog! Kim is one of those people who believes that there are no secrets allowed in photography (except for her secret project!) and she is one who shares what she knows and learns. That’s one of the things I love most about her . . . she is secure in who she is and whose she is!  Another little tibit I learned . . . Kim is shooting a destination wedding this year . . . in ITALY!!! How cool is that?  I’m excited to be second shooting with Kim this season. 

Talked with John Rose, who is an alumni of Linganore High School, where my sweetie, Carl, and I taught when we first fell in love. John was an artist in high school (Carl and I still have two pieces of his art from way back!) and he has taken his creative eye to new heights. John is a very successful videographer, and along with his good friend, photographer, Pete Redel, brought life to this Bride’ event!  These guys are so much fun together . . . Pete spent much of the evening convincing John to hop on a plane to Vegas with him this weekend to attend WPPI . . . and I think he’s going!


John’s buddy, Pete Redel is a photographer who does amazing things with lighting. His aesthetic is REALLY cool . . . he is a photoshop master, and coupled with his eye, his photos are indescribable.

 We ate some mashed potatoes with Shaun Williams of Shaun Anthony’s Clear Focus .I met Shaun at the Pictage PUG in February in Savage.He has some new things up his sleeve for 2008.  Exciting ideas. Check him out! He has the skill and the personality to match! This is Shaun (on left) at the Pictage conference in LA. Check out Shaun’s Blog for more of his work.


 I also visited with Mary Gardella and Jennifer Domenick of Love Life Images in Savage, MD. Mary and Jennifer host the Pictage PUG every month in their gorgeous studio in Historic Savage, MD. Their approach is comfortable and unobstrusive. They document life and love. And boy, they do it well!


Yeah, this was a fun event!  I love meeting new people . . . it’s energizing . . . and to be in a room full of creative people . . . well, let’s just say that I couldn’t fall asleep for a LONG TIME last night. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Life is so rich.      


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