Hairstoppers Beauty Salon . . . The Ultimate in Pampering . . .

 Welcome to Hairstopper’s Beauty Salon . . . where a guinea pig is a hot commodity . . . where “beauty is pain” takes on a life of its own.
But seriously, Caroline really did have fun visiting her sister’s salon.  And it wasn’t all experiment and discomfort . . . 
The peanut butter and honey scrub was to die for!!! That’s what Caroline has concluded after an afternoon of spa treatments at Kristiana’s brain child salon. Appointments are taken for those windy afternoons when outside play is only possible in short spurts.   
Caroline was a very willing participant, and Kristiana has always loved treating her sisters to manicures, pedicures, experimental hairstyles, and tummy friendly facials.
Although I tend to opt for the hand or foot massage, this actually smelled and looked divine!
And the BEST PART . . .  Caroline got to lick the spoon!! 

5 Responses to “Hairstoppers Beauty Salon . . . The Ultimate in Pampering . . .”

  1. Ummm excuse me, I am leaving a message for Ms. Kristiana Freundel head of the heavenly looking Hairstoppers Beauty Solon. Yes i would like to schedule an appointment. If you could please call me to confim my appointment that would rock! Thank you very much!
    Love always,

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Hi Hannah, Kristiana here. Yes, I have you booked. One question . . . crunchy or smooth? Seriously, we had so much fun with you on Saturday. We love your whole family.

  3. Hey babe, i want the special..haha!!!! I know we are getting together really really really soon. Oh and we must do a photo shoot, no matter what! LOVE YOU! xoxo

  4. I wanted to comment this one earlier when I left that last comment, but I didn’t have time…so I had to come back….
    This is the most awesome thing ever! I hope Savannah will get to be an incredible big sister one day….

  5. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Ladies are linin’ up for this treatment. You are too cool, Miss Kristi, my Love!

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