Looking for Spring . . .

is an exercie in anticipation and patience.  Like waiting for your 3rd birthday cards to arrive in the mail . . .  


. . . or running outside to play in a tee shirt, only to find that winter has returned for one more performance.
So, we walk over the hill looking for signs of Spring’s return  . . . hope in a crocus . . . 
. . . hope in the sound of birds singing in code to one another . . .
. . . hope in little sparkles of green shooting through the brown . . .
. . . hope in the birds flitting from tree to tree, busily preparing their nests . . .
So, even though we have on our winter coats . . . we have hope . . .  
 . . . for Spring’s awakening . . . and the promise . . .  
. . . of mercies that are new every morning.  In this week before Easter, we are anticipating rebirth . . . sunshine . . . daffodils . . . thundershowers . . . and we’re ready to pack up mittens, scarves . . .  
. . . and Isaiah’s favorite snow boots. 

3 Responses to “Looking for Spring . . .”

  1. Awww can i stess anyomore how beautiful God made your family!!!! WE love you!

  2. Kathy,

    Haven’t checked your site for a while, and it was a lovely tour. Light is just beginning to peak through a foggy Mansfield morning and your images of spring reminded me that we should soon be seeing the crocus peeking through also. Most of the massive snow we had has melted off and everything is looking soggy and limp. But not for long…

    I enjoyed very much this techno way of catching up with you. It would be better in person, of course, but I’m grateful for the chance to see you all this way. Blessings to you, Carl, and the adorables.


  3. We all got a chuckle at Isaiah’s face in the mailbox pic. Birthday blessings to your three-year old!
    Katie got a laugh at Easter when Isaiah abruptly picked up his pint-sized electric guitar, opened Gram and Pap’s front door, and headed outside. She found him meandering around the front lawn and asked, “Isaiah, buddy, what are you doing?” He must get that question a lot! He’s a day-dreamin’ drifter….

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