Daniel Freundel . . . Seeing Life Like it was Meant to be Seen . . .

When Daniel (14 ) started to complain that he had trouble seeing the board in his English class, I knew it was time.
We denied long enough and scheduled an appointment with the eye doctor.


Now, I don’t usually carry my camera EVERYWHERE (just most places!) . . . but since I had it on me, I couldn’t resist shooting this memory for us both.

I find that if I ask, most people don’t really mind if I take a couple of shots. (except the time that I took a shot in the Starbucks . . . that was another story!)
 A little overwhelming . . . choosing the perfect frames from the walls of choices . . .   
I think he made a pretty good choice.

7 Responses to “Daniel Freundel . . . Seeing Life Like it was Meant to be Seen . . .”

  1. Dave Clausen Says:

    Daniel, you look sharp, and are a real class-act.
    Have a blessed Easter, and a great Spring Break.

  2. Daniel!!! You are so handsome already that your glasses just double the pleasure for all the goils out there! (-* And now you’ll be able to see them looking at you! (-8 i love you! oxox

  3. hey daniel,
    I like the glasses…rock on=) they totally complete your look. Haha nice pix! ttyl

  4. Aunt Nancy and Jules Says:

    We think your glasses magnify your already smashing good looks. We love you, big cousin!

  5. Wow…and to think I used to change his diaper….
    I feel old now…..

  6. Donna Smaldone Says:

    WOW… looking good!! “Perfect” choice, Dan!

  7. Zach and Jon Says:

    Gee wilikers! they grow up so fast. Look at that handsome young man. Always keep that chin up and keep smiling. Those glasses completly accent your suave (is that how you spell that haha 😉 🙂 8P) attire. And those dimples, jehosephet! You truly see life as it is meant to be seen. We love you more than the sun above. you are cooler than the breeze on a spring day. you are more precious than rubies, and your eyes, behind your newly purchased glasses, sparkle like the diamonds in queen victoria’s bodacious crown (yes that is a word 😉 🙂 8p) We love your fragrant hair albeit. a hardy hello to Will.I.Am. and Kristi-A.

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