. . . MY PEEPS . . .


It’s my favorite time of year again . . . the time of new beginnings . . . 
And even though it is still quite chilly outside, when I announced this would be the day  for dyeing Easter Eggs, I had several enthusiastic participants.
I have wonderful memories of dyeing Easter eggs at the play table in my back yard as a little girl. Dyeing eggs is one of my favorite holiday rituals! 
We used the buddy system, and Isaiah was stupified that the eggs came out the same color as the water.
And he knew that eventually I  WOULD turn my head, and he could taste the delicious colored juice.
Okay, I could see it coming . . . but some lessons are better learned firsthand. 
The Peeps came in handy as motivation for being patient while the eggs were being dyed. 
And of course, the kids had to explore the mixing of dyes when all the eggs were finished.
And truly, only a little of the dye got spilled . . . well, a little more than a little.
Will gets the afternoon’s prize for super egg focus.
And even little Sam got into the Easter spirit!
Lily presents . . .  tadaa . .
I sure do love a basket of eggs on the counter at Easter time . . . it makes us all happier!
Yes sir . . . I sure do love my peeps!
Got peeps?

5 Responses to “. . . MY PEEPS . . .”

  1. kimberlybrooke Says:

    ok – this looks magical! i love the glasses for the dye.. and did you buy out the grocery stores on white eggs??!!

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    LOL! well, kim, you know if each one wants to dye four or so eggs (except for Sam) . . . that’s 3 dozen (’cause Carl & I dye too!) We will be eating lots of hardboiled eggs this week! Hope you, Pete and the boys had a GREAT day!

  3. what kind of camera do you use? The colors are incredible in these shots….what did you do to capture that?? Is that a totally stupid question?? Like, do you get what I mean?? The colors just seem extra bright….it’s been awhile since I’ve used actual photography terms. I’m sure there’s a word for what I’m asking!!

  4. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s great to hear from you! I shoot on the Fuji S5Pro, and I use my Nikon lenses. Yes, I did bump the color in Lightroom . . . the colors are not quite as saturated straight out of my camera, and I LOVE the color right out of the camera, but I thought it would be fun to saturate it a little more for Easter! Hope you had a great one!

  5. Ok, I knew you had to have done something to get them to look like that!! 🙂

    I love your blogs….I tried to subscribe, but it wouldn’t let me for some reason, so I just come back when I think about it and see if you’ve posted anything knew!

    You’re inspiring….your talent, your children (8 children and homeschooling them all just AMAZES me), your ability to capture the sweet details of your life and your children is so awesome. I bet it’s a blast living in your house! I pray the Lord blesses my husband and I with many children….not so sure about 8 though!! lol….but I’m ready for another one and Savannah just turned a year today……..

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