Spy Kids . . . Alias “Carly’s Angels” . . .

“Mom . . . we want to play Spy Kids. Can you make us a map that we have to follow to get to the treasure?”
 So, when the kids went to get their black clothes and “gadgets” on after lunch, I quickly drew a map of our property, and slipped outside to hide Tootsie Rolls where “X” was marking the spot.” I couldn’t resist . . . as my sis-in-law, Dawn, would say, “they are so stinkin’ cute!” 


Here’s Lily . . .  code name “Sassaglass T”
 Caroline . . . “the Spyclops”
 and Kristiana “feelin’ lucky, punk?” Grace
 and Willie, “say hello to my little friend L”
 It’s for certain, our neighbors get a show about every other day, but I love it.
Long sunny afternoons when the little ones nap and the older ones let their imaginations run free.

4 Responses to “Spy Kids . . . Alias “Carly’s Angels” . . .”

  1. i love it! Everything is so authentic! (-* And i want to know — did we find the Tootsie Roll pops? (-*


  2. I wish I could’ve been there yo see you like that. Willie, everyone will be running away when people see that “I’ve got a laser and i’m not afraid to use. Love ya.

  3. You guys look great. By the way Lily love the code name. It fits you so well. Caroline, can you see me with that telscope? And finally, Kristi, tell me where you got that hat and laser. Love you guys lots. Your cousin Juliana

  4. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Ha! …can’t help but hear a theme song as I peruse the pics (and no, it doesn’t start with, “It’s Family Spy Time…” – though it could!) LOVE!!

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