Katie’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Session

It was her sweet sixteen birthday surprise . . . and it was SO MUCH FUN!
It actually happened back in October of ’07, but I am just getting around to posting some of these photos.
She’s my neice and my namesake. Gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside. 


This was our set . . . how could we go wrong?

Katie looks like “the girl next door” but she is way more complex than that.
She has the biggest, most compassionate heart I’ve ever seen in a sixteen year old . . .  
She seeks out the one who doesn’t quite fit in and makes her comfortable. . .
She makes time for her younger siblings and cousins and creates a party wherever she goes.
She is full of joy and life and spreads sunshine.
I want to be like her when I grow up! Tim was my very helpful assistant on this photo shoot . . . it’s a memory we’ll share and treasure forever.

3 Responses to “Katie’s Sweet Sixteen Birthday Session”

  1. And it was one of the “beginnings” of Kathy, too! The beauty of the day/the photographer/the model/and the assistant! (poetically speaking, of course, Tim!) hold true even today! oxoxox This is a wonderful tribute to Katie! and to you as an incredibly gifted and giving person, Kath. i love you! oxoxox

  2. Wow this is one of the greatest assortments of pictures! Even just hearing about her big beautiful heart and how she CHOOSES to pick the one who dose not feel “popular”(who defines popular anyway)! This really encouraged me! THANX!

  3. xoxoxoxo

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