My New Logo!

kathylogo3.jpg   You cast your votes . . . thank you for those that gave me feedback.  Here it is! The logo that I’ll grow up with! I went back to the drawing board twice, and finally sat down one afternoon with my designer, Steve Gibson of Udio Edge,with Starbucks in hand. Well, we finally hammered it out, and I must say, Steve nailed it! It’s exactly what I wanted . . .sharp, clear and simple . . . and I was even able to keep that little red dot to which I’ve grown attached.  Steve Gibson 5  So, here’s my $.02 about Steve.   Extremely accessible, great listener, incredible eye . . .  all my interactions with him have been full of grace . . . no question was ever stupid in his eyes (and believe me, I did ask some dooseys!) . . . and, he even went above and beyond when I ran into glitches using the logo online.Have you heard of Kevin Robert’s book Lovemarks?  Well, Udio Edge is a Lovermarks company . . . creating loyalty beyond reason.


One Response to “My New Logo!”

  1. i love it! It IS you! It packs a punch without bodily harm! And yet, even in it’s professional style, there remains a user-friendliness about it. And i love the subtle way that everyone is encouraged to call you Kathy. It says that you are a first-name basis kind of warm, loving and easy-access sparkling, wonderful woman! And where others would roar — the sound of your laughter fills the air wherever you are. i love you — and it! Congrats to you and to Steve — another someone on whom you have left the Kathy-has-been-here fingerprint smile!


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