Three Days . . . Six Friends . . . Twenty Two Children . . .Twenty Three Years . . .

dscf3657-24-3.jpg Yup. We’ve been friends for twenty three years now . . . since we met the very first day of school at York College. Two would be teachers  next door to  two would be nurses.  And along the way with summers spent in Fenwick Island, DE, we picked up Katie and Jill . . . now they’re part of our circle. dscf3653-20-1.jpgWe try to get away together a couple of times a year. This time it was in Wildwood Crest, NJ where we stayed in Andrea’s beach house. We left behind  twenty- two children with our awesome husbands who have supported our friendships for many years. Although it was COLD!, we had a blast . . . many hours spent catching up on our lives, our hopes and dreams, and our precious shared memories. dscf3710-76-edit-13.jpg Lori flew in from Charlotte, NC with pralines in her bag! dscf3673-40-edit-edit-10.jpg Andrea, our fashion consultant, gave us new make up lessons and jeans shopping tips. dscf3669-36-edit-edit-9.jpg Gina made the most awesome salads to munch on around the table. Friday night’s was incredible . . . shrimp, chopped Vidalia onion, chopped green olives with a vinigrette marinade. YUM! dscf3689-56-edit-12.jpg Jill took the ferry up from Fenwick Island were she left her husband Craig, and three gorgeous boys. Jill and Craig own Bikinis & More in the Sunshine Plaza in Fenwick Island, so she always models the hippest, coolest fashions. Lori actually took the shoes right off her feet, packed ’em in her bag, and flew home with them!dscf3693-60-edit-11.jpgKatie brought her awesome sense of fun and humor and kept us all in stitches the whole weekend. She also supplied the tunes for the weekend. Oh, and those special chocolate drinks that she makes . . .  dscf3717-84-5.jpgWe’ve shared the laughs, we’ve shared the disappointments, we’ve shared the secret dreams, and we’ve shared the tears. dscf3748-115-6.jpgDon’t be fooled . . . this season of life is full of risks, adventures and new beginnings . . .  and it’s AWESOME! dscf3755-122-7.jpgBut the best part is the broken in, comfortable friendships, where we can be open, honest, flawed and loved . . . all at the same time.  dscf3763-130-8.jpg Lotsa laughin’ . . . dscf3656-23-2.jpgLotsa reminiscing . . .  dscf3659-26-4.jpg Side by side . . . girlfriends are one of my favorite things. Oh, and Katy, we missed you this time, and love you!  

3 Responses to “Three Days . . . Six Friends . . . Twenty Two Children . . .Twenty Three Years . . .”

  1. Kath, (not that it surprises me at all, Little Miss English Teacher and Eye for Discovering the Beauty in Everything) You could do THIS for a “living”! You tell an incredible story with your photos! This could be your niche — doing this for other people! Whaddayathink? oxoxox

  2. Rohe Kuhar Says:

    Hi , how great it is to have girlfriends. I just want to let you know Gina is the cutest and the smartest and the most organized and makes great salads because she learned it from her sister, Rohe That is me! What a great story really, it would be nice to show before and after shots too…

  3. Kathy Freundel Says:

    You’re right! Gina is super awesome . . . and she so blessed because she has sisters and sistas!

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