Coldstone Creamery . . . Pink Boots . . . and a Chainsaw!


He kept telling me, “No, Mommy, I six,” but Isaiah turned three this week. I remember the day he was born so clearly. Good. Friday.
So, our first family trip to Coldstone Creamery was much anticipated. And when we got into the store, we all had decision making overload.
Michael proudly wore the birthday hat, and was not intimidated by the myriad flavors and toppings. He went for Cake Batter ice cream with Snickers mixed in. Good. Choice. 
Finger lickin’ good.
And the, because he’s newly potty trained, we got to visit the restroom . . . several times. That’s our new hobby. Enter building. Visit restroom.
Like the boots? Lily’s. But a birthday boy must have his indulgences. 
He’s getting so old. Talking up a storm. Loves his tools. Just like his Daddy.

2 Responses to “Coldstone Creamery . . . Pink Boots . . . and a Chainsaw!”

  1. Is there a coldstone up there now??? I had never even heard of it until I met my hubby and came down here and he took me to one!

  2. Yeah, there’s one just outside the beltway on Reistertown Rd., and one on route 30 in Hanover.

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