Carroll County Arts Council Peep Show

I live in the coolest town. Westminster, Maryland.

In my hometown, I can call the troops out into the car, and venture out to our Art Deco renovated theatre/ Arts Council to see a real peep show.  For free. Awesome. Deal.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the artists’ names, but here are some of the ones that caught our eye . . . 

Spring peeps!

A Peep Circus!




And this, of course, was the girls’ favorite!

Oh yea, split peep soup.

My sister-in-law, Dr. Roseanne Freundel, did this one! Peep road kill. See the disclaimer? Can you guess what kind of doc she is? OB! Too funny, Rose!

Great way to spend an afternoon . . . and they showed little peep shorties! (stop action movies!)

We are small town folk. Loving it.

Couldn’t resist!  Check out the Carroll County Arts Council. Best deal around.

Does it count as school if we write about it?






2 Responses to “Carroll County Arts Council Peep Show”

  1. oh iknow!!!!!!!!!! they look ssssssssooooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i hope it counts!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

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