The Shilling Grandkids . . . all sixteen!

Every spring, my Mom and Dad take a photo of all their grandchildren, blow the image up to poster size and mount it on the wall in their home. All of the grandkids LOVE to look at the wall and see how they have grown, and how our family has grown.  Mom and Dad have sixteen grandchildren now, and the oldest is sixteen.  That makes for a pretty awesome poster wall!

All of the grandkids spend a significant amount of time at their Gram and Pap-Pap’s house. It’s really a home away from home.  That’s where they put on plays, perform piano recitals, and celebrate extended family birthdays and holidays . . . it’s a special place filled with love, laughter, homemade cookies, shuttle service, and a rapidly revolving door.

Here are best buds Ely and Will. They like dogs, matchbox cars, playing Wii at Ely’s, and sleepovers (especially at Gram’s and Pap’s!)

We walked to the rock climbing park about a quarter mile from my folks home. And boy did we have some fun. Once again, I was laughing so hard, I messed up some shots, but I also got some good ones.

Meet  “the triplets,” born within six weeks of one another . . . Juliana, Luke, and Kristiana.

This is the older crew, sans Tim . . . I think he fell off the side of the rock . . . beware of excessive laughter.

Rachel, Katie, A.J. and Daniel, letting that flag fly!

My Mom and Dad have nurtured a special relationship with EACH ONE of their grandchildren. They have a significant part in homeschooling them, they attend their sports activities, they help to shuttle and love them. They have grandparented WITH PURPOSE AND VISION from the very beginning.  It’s a WIN-WIN. Family. Roots.


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3 Responses to “The Shilling Grandkids . . . all sixteen!”

  1. yeah, we look awesome!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys ‘lots<3

  2. UHHHHHHHHHHH teenagers were you yelling????????????? :):):):):)

  3. Gram & Pap Says:

    Great pictures of the family. Your picture story with commentary is a keeper. The poster is already up in the kitchen for the next year and we can remember the day. These are “the good old days’ for us. We have the gift of time with family and are blessed that all of you live close by and we can be a part of your lives on a regular basis. The legacy of faith, family and love will endure. Looking forward to more………….
    Mom & Dad

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