Superslide at Rocky Ridge . . .

Every time we come to the slide park, Carl reads the disclaimer, and for a minute, wonders . . . but then the Superslide beckons, and it’s all over! . . . all over but the skid burn! But it’s totally worth it.   DON’T FORGET TO CLICK ON THE LINK AT THE END OF THIS BLOG TO VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW!

The faces always show just a little trepidation the first couple of runs, but the kids battle their fear and take the plunge.

Then, they break out the blankets so that they go even faster.  

The sand pit is there to break their falls . . . they learn quickly to keep their mouths closed on landing.

And just about when risk taking out weighs sense, we call it a day! No broken bones on this day.

This park is owned by Mt. Tabor church in Rocky Ridge, MD. My sister told me about it years ago,  and now you’re in on one of the area’s best kept secrets.  

View the Superslide SLIDESHOW!


3 Responses to “Superslide at Rocky Ridge . . .”

  1. oh that is the best park EVER!!!! I wish I could find a place like that around here…..(I live in northern VA now….)
    I did take my husband there one time while we were dating and he wouldn’t go down it!!! lol! I was making fun of him about how he was scared of the slide!!!

  2. What with the peep show and now this, I think we’re moving east. 🙂

  3. Come on . . . the more the merrier! We love it here . . . close to DC, Gettysburg, the BEACH ect. Lots to do and see.

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