New Creations Fellowship . . . Real People . . . Living Christ . . .

This is my church family. And here’s why I love them . . . 

First of all, my pastor, Reid Robinette, was my classmate since elementary school. Yup. We were in Miss Sander’s fourth grade class together, and my mom has our class photo on the wall in her home to prove it! And his lovely wife, Elizabeth, and their kids, Rebecca and Taylor, live right over the hill from us! Now that’s small town. And I love it. Roots.

New Creations is a wonderful place to really get involved. Carl and I have loved serving on the worship team. We call that amazing bunch led by Skip our small group. Sharing real life. And believe me, we are real.


My rock-n-roll, guitar playing, God lovin’ man.


Our kids get to serve too. In real ways. Both Dan and Tim run the computer and are trusted with real responsibility. Kristiana and Will are up at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning so that they can come to church early to help set up. To listen to band rehearsal. Oh, and the doughnuts aren’t bad either.  Developing a servant’s heart. Very cool.

Our little ones are loved beyond belief.  They get to see their great grandmothers (yes, both are thriving and so loved at NCF), their Gram and Pap-Pap, their Aunt Nancy, Uncle Chris and a slew of cousins. Plus, there are lots of open laps ready to spend an hour snuggling our little ones. We like to keep our kids with us on Sundays, even though NCF has an AMAZING children’s program.  Our little ones are not always perfect. But we’re always given amazing grace from our church family.

Margaret, Jay, and Megan keep the elementary class relevant, fun, full of Christ, and full of surprises!

We are soaked in God’s life giving Word.  Fully relevant. Multi-media. Reid’s teaching . . .humble. funny. encouraging. intellectual. Spirit led. authentic.

But, if I had to explain why I love NCF so much, I have to take you back two years ago.  My nephew, Jake, was born preemie and weighed two pounds. This church body surrounded our extended family so fully, that Nancy and Chris did not have to prepare a meal for the entire summer. Our church body cried with them, prayed for them, cleaned their house, shuttled them to the NICU in Baltimore, helped them finish off their nursery, fed them, and gave my nieces lots of love and special play dates.  They were our extended family in every sense of the word. That’s real love. The love of Christ. The grace of Christ. Right here in Westminster.



3 Responses to “New Creations Fellowship . . . Real People . . . Living Christ . . .”

  1. Looks like an awesome church. So glad you have found a church family you can plug in to.

  2. OH, i loved reading and seeing all of that Kath! And i know they love you as much as you love them. It’s so evident that the old saying about the church being the people who are a part of it and not the building is a hundred percent true! Thank you so much for sharing your life the way you do. ox

  3. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Wow, KitKat… you so beautifully captured the heart of our church! I can’t wait for Sunday! Thanks for being such a raw, amazing, creative creature. I love you! AliKat

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