A Perfect Backyard Wedding . . .

Today was the big day at our house.

Click here to view the wedding slideshow.

It was backyard wedding day, and all the troops were out to participate. (well, except the older boys who were completely bored by the whole idea).  

Blushing bride, Lily, wore a gown of pink satin and carried fresh lilacs.

Her gown was accompanied by rainbow crocs and white ankle socks. very chic. very now. very Lily.

Caroline was the officiant. She just kept saying, “You may now kiss the bride,” over and over again.

Kristiana was the maid of honor, who doubled as the wedding planner. She had her moments of frustrations . . . especially with the groom and his groomsmen.

Although, I must say they choose the groom wisely. At three, Michael does not have much recourse against the “sister kiss.”

As long as he is promised a chance to play his guitar, he’ll really agree to most anything. Even a repeat sister-kiss. It won’t always be that way, girls.

Micheal set up his arsenal of guitarage for the reception, and the Hannah Montana won this day.

See our happy bride? She loves dancing at the receptions.

Then, came the running of laps through “Sherwood Forest,” our small pine forest. Must be some early American wedding ritual.

Oh, and the bridesmaid burst out into her best “robot.” Pretty fly.

Fortunately, Daddy came home just as the festivities were winding down, and agreed to a “real” wedding dance.

Special moments. Sunny afternoons. Daddy’s little girl.

It takes two to tango!!



5 Responses to “A Perfect Backyard Wedding . . .”

  1. OMGosh! This brings back such sweet memories of my own “backyard weddings”! Awww such sweet days! It must be something in the spring air that beckons a girl to weddings and flowers and pretty dresses! Wow it makes me want to play all over again!

  2. FUN, FUN, FUN! Lord willing you’ll have many more weddings…pretend and real! Love you guys!

  3. How wonderful to discover that fairytales really do come true! These moments are so incredibly wonderful — and to have the chance to share in them! Wow! i loved this blog from the very first moment until the happy dance at the end. That’s what i love — a real happily everafter! (-*

    i can’t wait to see what comes next! (-8


  4. LOVE the “robot” Ana.

  5. omg it just looks like so much fun to live at your house….we may be moving in. I doubt you’d notice since you already have like 50 people living there!! lol…..
    btw–your kids have to be the cutest children (other than my own of course) that I have ever seen!!!!!!

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