Dory & Ed Shilling . . . 49 Years of Romance.

Love. Life. 


It was a blind date, forty nine years ago, this April. He was a recent transfer to Western Maryland College from  Ohio where he had gone to play football.  She was a Jersey girl, studying to be a teacher.  When she walked down the stairs of Blanche Ward, her dorm, he says that he saw the bluest eyes he had ever seen.  Forty nine years later the love affair continues. And their love is  deeper than ever, having weathered the stuff of life. 

Meet my mom and dad.  They are the most romantic, fun couple I have ever met.  They LOVE each other, and it is obvious every single day they journey together.  


For this photo session, we went back to Western Maryland College, now called McDaniel College.  I had so much fun following them around campus and hearing stories about the days when they were newly in love.

The campus was in full springtime bloom, and on this Friday evening, it was full of activity.

Mom and Dad fit right in back on campus.  I wish I had a photo of Mom and Dad the first night they met. They still have the zing!




Then, we went to see the first home Mom and Dad shared. Vetville . . . built for WWII veterans . . . they rented a third of this building and bought furniture to start their lives as Mr. & Mrs. for a whopping $35.  And Dad says the kitchen set was solid oak!! Whoa. They had no telephone, but the couple that lived in the unit at the other end had a phone, and when family called for Mom or Dad, their neighbor yelled right through the walls, “Ed . . . phone call!”

Then, we went to Baugher’s. When Mom and Dad were at Western Maryland, they would walk to Baugher’s for dates.  Their favorite was the hot roast beef sandwich with fries, and a CMP sundae for dessert.

Dad took Mom to Baugher’s for dinner the night he proposed to her!

A strong marriage. My sister and brother agree with me. The best gift we’ve ever been given.

Click here to view the slideshow!!



8 Responses to “Dory & Ed Shilling . . . 49 Years of Romance.”

  1. waterrules Says:

    That was so cool of you to share that romantic story with your beautiful photos , i enjoyed that so romantic , ty for sharing …

  2. linda coratti Says:

    That was great! Thanks for sharing. I’m bummin because I couldn’t get the slideshow to work. I love hearing stories about how people met. What a treat to actually revisit the spot where they first met and where they went on dates. Life seemed so simple back then. It’s so refreshing and hopeful to see a husband and wife still so in love after 49 years of marriage. Unfortunately a rare find these days.
    I would love to see some pictures posted of them in their early days of dating or as early parents. Thanks so much for sharing. Linda Coratti

  3. Lori Brown Says:

    Oh Kathy,

    You have a gift of capturing God’s glorious beauty in others lives with your camera. Thank you for sharing !

  4. Dave Clausen Says:

    Thank you Kathy, for this. To Victoria & I, Dory and Ed are a picture of what is possible if God is invited into a marriage; and into mother/fatherhood and grandparenting as well. We were touched with the blog entry speaking of the investment that Dory & Ed have made into their grandchildren. Thank you Dory & Ed for your heart for the Lord and for each other; and for being a model to so many.

  5. There is no greater love than the kind that lays down its life for another. Over and over and over again, we grew up watching our mom and dad laying down their lives for each other, for us, for those God brought into their lives, for their grandkids, and for their own parents. How blessed were we?!!

    Thank you, Kath, for capturing their story for our future generations! What could be more important than passing on the story of God’s love and faithfulness in the fullness of life?

  6. gandvbecker Says:

    Thank you Ed & Dory, for allowing Kathy to share some of your story with others. How beautiful! Life is about stories…and it’s a treat to hear the ones about lives whom Jesus has touched! Thanks for the example that you set to those around you!

  7. Thank you, Kathy for capturing the ephermeral quality of ageless love. I am a relative newcomer to the Shilling family (only been around the last brief seventeen years!), but the unconditional love, the romance , the vision, and the sacrificial quality of both hearts in the pictures is so evident. What a story. What a fairy tale. How could a single eye not weep, a single heart not skip a beat when they see how Ed looks upon Dory, and how Dory gazes upon Ed? It is an honor to glimpse in pictures the sacred and reverant love they possess and have passed on, like a priceless treasure, to their children, their sons and daughter – law, and their grandchildren. What a legacy. What a life well lived. When I think of all the grandchildren that are abalze with the fire and warmth of their love, how wonderful to see the first flicker and flame that kindled this bonfire that screams what God’s love is all about…what you give to others. Kathy, your photo-journal does what Ed and Dory have done. Look at this heirloom you have given us. Thank you for giving so freely to artfully capture this delicate, rare and bveautiful romance. I am inspired, overflowing, and ever so grateful. Through your eyes, I am, once again, an appreciative recipient of the product of their love.


  8. Donna Smaldone Says:

    What a beautiful glimpse of true, unconditional love. Thank you, Ed and Dory for not only sharing your love story in this photo shoot, but for living it in plain view every day. We are grateful. And we are encouraged to see how God intends marriage to be when we give Him the reigns. Thank you, Kathy for using your camera to capture what your heart has always seen in your parents. It’s refreshing to see a grown child’s love and admiration for her parents. Love, love, love… Donna

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