Little Women . . . for Carroll County Food Sunday

I was so blessed to be around this group of young adults for an evening. They have been spending hours and hours rehearsing the beloved classic Little Women and will be presenting three performances on May 9th at 8 pm and May 10th at 2 and 8 pm.  The performances will be held at the Westminster United Methodist Church on Main Street. Tickets are $8/ student, $10/ adult, with children under five free.  Beverages and desserts will be served, along with a special intermission period dance performance.  

Shirley Dooley has spent so much of her time, love and creative passion putting this project together. She is fourth from left in the photo. What a servant’s heart.

There is a link at the bottom of this post for a slideshow. Don’t miss this preview!!




But I was most excited by these beautiful young adults. . . with hearts as big as the ocean . . . and smiles as wide as the horizon.  They say that youth is wasted on the young . . . well, it’s not. These guys aren’t wasting a minute. It makes me feel good about our future.

Kristen Corman



Katie Salafia



Rachel Salafia



Alyson Marks



Gabriel Kirby



Nik Lutton


Rachel Corman



Jean Compton



Jon Dooley




Emma Lutton








8 Responses to “Little Women . . . for Carroll County Food Sunday”

  1. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Wow… thanks for the sneak preview, Kath! Skip & I are bummed we’ll miss it because it’s the same weekend as Grant’s college graduation. But this gave us the opportunity to at least get a taste! What a treat! GOOD LUCK, KATIE AND RACHEL – you gals are stunning!! Love, Donna xoxo

  2. Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Kathy! You caputured the fun and togetherness of this cast – so much laughter went into this production – as well as lots of hard work and growth. I can’t wait to see the “magic”!

    I love these smilin’ faces!!!

  3. Oh! What a great feeling all of these beautiful (and handsome) smiling faces instill in a body! Kath, i love the energy and the creativity in so many of your fun shots. If the cast had as much fun being a part of the play as they did being a part of this photo shoot, it will be a HUGE hit! (-* ox

  4. The Shipley Family Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the performance. What a great cast and director!! We miss their Christian fellowship. Hope to see Mr. Jake while we’re there and Abigail and Julianna, too!! Break a leg!

  5. you guys look great. the dresses are awesome. and the girls are BEEEEE-UUUUUUUUUUUUU-TTTTTTTTTTTIIIIIIIIII-FUUUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! (-8 (-*

  6. rachel Says:

    Aunt Kath!
    These photos are wonderful! I love them (meaning i watch them multiple times a day) haha. You really did capture the fun of our cast, our chemestry and Mrs. Shirley’s devotion and love for us. Your’re amazing Aunt kath, everyone loved you! 🙂


  8. Wow… that was a stunning performance by the police marshal. A truly excellent performance. Who is that extremely talented actor.

    :0 Just kidding…

    Great photos Mom

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