Band Practice. New Creations Fellowship.

Band practice. Thursday night. Carl and I alternate; that’s the only drag. The couple of times we were on together it was so much fun . . . kind of like a mid week date. Here’s why I love it.




Skip keeps us challenged, focused and is an awesome musician and leader.  And he even serves us dessert!




This is Donna.  She plays the flute, saxophone, rain stick and sings!  And she’s married to Skip.



Patrick is a chef at Johannson’s and a rockin’ drummer.



Paul, me and Brittany getting in our wheel house.  Amy, Chuck and Elizabeth . . . well, they’re on with Carl this month.



Zeke . . . well he’s the newest addition to our team. Our mascot. Pretty stinkin’ cute if I do say so myself.



Jon and Brittany are interns at NCF. Jon is a great singer, plays the guitar and is a great guys. Brittany sings and plays percussion . . . she also dances a mean PBJ!


We also have Dr. Tom Hicky’s wailing guitar licks, James High’s melodic acoustic guitar, and Matt Sedlak’s solid bass.  Matt’s low key demeanor does nothing to hide the groove in his soul. Lori Brown tickles the ivories, and our newest addition is Jim Francis on the acoustic guitar.

These guys have become our (Carl’s and my) small group. It’s a great place to be. Puttin’ a little spice in life.

We give good service.



Looking for a great place to get involved? To grow in your faith? To meet the One who changed my life? (No, not Carl, but you’ll meet him too.)

Check out New Creations Fellowship. Sunday. 10 am. Sandymount Elementary.



2 Responses to “Band Practice. New Creations Fellowship.”

  1. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Wooo!! Hey…is it really considered “serving” if we’re having this much fun? You know it is!! Thanks for the rockin’ photos, Kath… AND for the rockin’ personality, passion, and smokin’ hot voice you bring to our team. What an honor to be on a team with all these amazing, creative souls. Love, Donna

  2. Patrick Peregoy Says:

    It is a privilidge and yes, i do agree with Donna, its not serving, its more like learning and growing together, a free music lesson while we come together to worship and have lots of fun, if you will…… thanx a million 🙂

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