Kim, Kathy, Kelly . . . a Triple Threat at the Hillendale Country Club

I shot a wedding last weekend with Kim Green of Kimberly Brooke Photography. We were joined by Kelly Holder, a very talented and super nice photographer from Kansas. Boy, talk about a win for everyone! Kelly, Kim and I had so much fun shooting together. Anne and David, the bride and groom felt like Hollywood royalty and got triple the shots. And, as always, I learned so much from my photographer girlfriends.  

We even slipped out the back during dinner and had a little photo shoot of our own! We laughed until our stomachs hurt . . . seriously. And that’s the best memory I’ll take from this whole evening. 



Self-portrait.  And you thought only ten year olds did this?























































4 Responses to “Kim, Kathy, Kelly . . . a Triple Threat at the Hillendale Country Club”

  1. oh dear goodness. that is all i have to say.

  2. Oooh, so funny! I’m so glad you shared them! Love, love, love your shots of the wedding. You’ve got skills, girl! Just got home tonight and I miss you both…had so much fun with you two!

  3. Very Nice Kathy! love love love!

  4. […] Slideshows see all videos Anne & Dave: { m a r r i e d} June 9, 2008, 7:00 am Filed under: Weddings Anne & Dave were such a fun couple! Anne was a reader in Dan & Julie’s wedding and Dave was a groomsman. We met last year and they were such fun. I was pumped when they asked me to shoot their wedding. But I was even more pumped to tell them they were getting a 3-for-1 deal! Kelly Holder came out to visit a ton of friends in the MD/DC/VA area for a week and was able to come shoot the wedding with me. And Kathy Freundel also came to shoot. We had soooo much fun! I loved shooting together… as you can see below (her blog post here): […]

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