deb & Jim Matthews at Ceresville Mansion . . .

They’re hitched! It’s day one of marital bliss for our dear friends deb & Jim, and it was the most incredible wedding. deb worked for months and months into the wee hours of the morning to ensure that each detail was a reflection of who they are as a couple. They share such a unique and real love . . . and that’s what their wedding reflected.  At the beautiful Ceresville Mansion near Frederick, the wedding was an experience to delight all the senses. It was such a celebration, with music provided by Prelude and photography by Story Motion Studios. Photographers, Katya and Arthur were so much fun to watch . . . they came with a big bag of fun props that were so deb.

Here are some of my shots. As matron of honor I tried to hide a camera behind my flowers, but I couldn’t get away with it. So, I grabbed a shot when no one was looking, or Joie grabbed a shot for me! 

I thought the officiant was really handsome, but I heard he’s happily married with a crazy big family. Oh well, lucky girl.  Oh, and the little girl who sang at the reception . . . she wrote the song herself . . . well, Prelude said they were holding a spot for her with the band in about ten years.

deb and Jim are off the Italy today!!! For a wonderful, long, relaxing honeymoon. Real. love.

Don’t forget the slideshow link at the end of the post!
















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One Response to “deb & Jim Matthews at Ceresville Mansion . . .”

  1. fun dress! awesome officiant! rad cake! nice singer! what a fun wedding!!!

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