Winter’s Mill High School Prom

Prom night. I met several of these girls sitting in the stands, watching them play volleyball.  I’m amazed at how free and comfortable they are in their skin. They’ll have something sweet to reminisce about in about 25 years. It was a big group of close friends. They met for a photo shoot. . . went to dinner at a Japanese steak house . . . and then returned to load onto the party bus.


Now, the party bus is one step left of center. It is a fully customized bus, complete with flat screen tv, sound system, fire pit, grill, and surround seating.  The evening’s driver was a recent graduate from John’s Hopkins . . . nice. My awesome sister hooked them up with all manner of appetizers, desserts and drinks . . . it was fully catered . . . on a pimped out school bus.


It was great being around the energy of these guys . . . enjoy their photos. Their slideshow link is at the end of the post!

BTW . . . I called my sister, Nancy, when I posted this late last night. I knew she’d be up LATE because her daughter is the gorgeous blue eyed girl with the long brunette curls . . . out on a date! She laughed at me saying, “isn’t all bus seating surround?” So, what I really meant to say is that the party bus is fitted with day beds, bunks, and cool stools . . . get the pic? I also heard them whine . . . “get new music . . . ” when they started the slideshow. Sorry viewers . . . royalty free . . . if you have some new to share, I’m all ears! 



































Click here to view the slideshow!


6 Responses to “Winter’s Mill High School Prom”

  1. loev the sunglasses shot!! how funny – pete drove 17 kids on the big green youth bus to FSK prom last night!!!

  2. Beautiful photos, simply stunning.

  3. It was actually my 8 and 10 year old who are ready for new music for the slideshows. I think they’re emailing Hannah Montana right now at your open invite, Aunt Kath, for royalty free music. You’d think Miley will go for it?!

    I heard about the couch in the back of Big Green via Taylor D. Renovations! So fun and what a good guy that Pete is!!

  4. brittany Says:

    ok just beautiful! KATIE LOOKS AMAZING! NAncy was prob stressing huh? great job again KAth! love ya!

  5. WOW Aunt Kath! Those pictures are amazing! You really are gifted. You captured our personalities so well! It was so much fun for all of us to be treated like royalty… we felt like celebrities or something! Haha, everyone was impressed with the way you “moved” to get the perfect shot. lol.

    Thank you so much for doing this for us! It was so much fun and I know that everyone loves the pictures! Love You!

  6. Kim Simensky Says:

    Kathy, the pictures are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for taking them.You had such interesting and unique pictures. You are truly gifted and we appreciate it very much. How can order the ones I want? Please let me know.

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