My Gig as a Window Model . . .

So, remember my post last week about my tagging along with Pete Redel of High Impact Photography on a location shoot in Annapolis?  Well, I mentioned that I was on the other side of the lens, but asked Pete to just keep talking stream of consciousness the whole day about his technique. And he was great. He would set up a shot, talk to me about his lighting and settings, click the shutter, and then show me.

Well, Pete sent me the gallery of photos, and they make me smile, imagining what life would be like if . . .


It all started one day as I was headed out to work at my high powered executive job, and dang it, if my gutter wasn’t clogged.  Not one to leave a task uncompleted or for my charming husband to tackle, I immediately went to work.


Nasty. Really nasty. Diaper nasty.


I made my appointment the next day with Thompson Creek (am I allowed to say that, Pete?) to have my gutters and windows replaced!

See how happy I am? Drinking my cup of air and gazing through my new, super clean window?


It brings me such joy to stand inside the living room and watch my children frolic in the yard.



And these windows are such a joy to clean that I am smiling the whole time. Who knew that housework could be this fulfilling?


Window adoration.



My life is perfect. 



Anyone who’s been inside the Freundel home knows that our windows are decorated with sweet sticky prints most of the time. And although I rarely stand gazing at or out a window, I wouldn’t trade my chaos for the world. But, it was huge fun to pretend for a day.

 Ladies and gentlemen . . . Pete Redel.

(he did give me permission to snag these photos . . . they are all his.)


6 Responses to “My Gig as a Window Model . . .”

  1. Donna Smaldone Says:

    Hey… aren’t you on Desperate Housewives? I ask not because you are (or seem) “desperate” at all, but rather because you are SMOKIN’ HOT! Way to pose, Girl… their sales are going to go through the roof!!!!

  2. Our houses are identical, well yours and my parents, Big Blue Victorians , baby plue panel and black shutters, awesome …… lived here for my whole life …..

  3. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Even the house is not mine 🙂 It’s my alter ego, fantasy life house with new gleaming windows and gutters. But, it was a pretty house.

  4. Gram & Pap Says:

    Enjoyed the pictures, the fantasy but most especially the commentary!
    Love you,

  5. this is great. thank God I live in a condo. I don’t have to worry about gutters (or worrying about my “charming” husband having to do it!) lol. charming…I have never used that word and my husband in the same sentence before!!! LOL

  6. Beautiful shots for sure! (BTW, I found you through Kim Green)

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