Westminster, MD . . . That’s my Hometown . . .

 I’m proud to admit that I’m a hometown girl raising my own slew of hometowners.  The above photo was shot just five feet from the crossroads smack in the center of my town. Busiest intersection on Main Street . . . would you guess it?

It’s Memorial Day, 2008, and I have haven’t missed the parade in forty one years. Seriously. I attended the parade as a baby in a carriage, as a child sitting on the hot curb, as a member of the Westminster High School Band marching the streets, and as a new mom sharing this parade with my own.  Although there have been years when the parade has not shown up for me, I have always been here for her.  


The older I get, the sweeter this town becomes to me. Glad I could share it with you, through my eyes, today.



































This is my crew!


And part of my sisters’.



And my folks. Raised us up right, they did.




8 Responses to “Westminster, MD . . . That’s my Hometown . . .”

  1. Bob Repsher Says:

    Your photographs are beautiful. I was at the parade. Your pictures are wonderful and made the parade even more enjoyable. You are a truely gifted photographer. You have a wonderful eye. Keep up the good work.
    Bob Repsher

  2. D. Nolan Groves Says:

    Beautiful pictures, Kathy. Reminded me of riding on one of those floats about 25 years ago. Plus, I recall being inside Kris Thompson’s VW “float,” an Animal House-inspired DeathMobile with a South Carroll HS football player impaled on the hood. Real tasteful. Probably wasn’t Memorial Day, now that I think about it. Anyway, nice work!

  3. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Mr. Bob Repsher . . . thank you. You’re encouragement is gold, b/c you were Westminster High’s School’s best photography teacher . . . and you were my wedding photographer, so your critique holds big weight in my book.

    And D. Nolan . . . Yes, I remember the car well. How does your boyhood home look all the way in Bainbridge Island, WA? Make you want to come back east? Someday you will write about our town, and we will give you a key to the city . . . and I’ll be in the front row smiling!

  4. Kathy Freundel Says:

    oops, i made a big grammar mistake in that first line. good thang i never taut engish.

  5. Vicki Becker Says:

    Gosh, Kathy, you almost made me homesick! Great pics! I hope the kids and I can get up and see a little bit of Westminster with you guys sometime this summer.

    And…D. Nolan Groves…that couldn’t possibly be THE David Groves?!

  6. I am here in Westminster at my parent’s house and was just thinking today how much I miss it here……
    So, I got online and was thinking I haven’t checked to see if you’ve done anything new in awhile (I love your stuff!!) and WOW….so, this made me miss it even more.
    Unfortunetely I don’t think I will ever live here again. My husband’s job is just too far away…..
    but I miss it. Not so much when I’m away (although I used to) but everytime I come here my heart aches to move back!!!!!
    I hate big cities. I hate crowds. I hate traffic. All of which are the biggest parts of where I live!!
    Oh well. I’m getting used to it……sort of…..

  7. Kathy,
    What a great post. I love seeing this day and parade through your eyes! Your love of family is fantastic. Fantastic images. Thanks for sharing!
    🙂 Pam

  8. Jenny Schooley Says:

    Hi Kathy – I love Westminster, MD too. I “colleged” at Shepherd in WV and then spent several years in Montgomery County. Ultimately I just knew when it was time to come home. At first I rented an apartment in the old building beside the original post office (not far from the town clock – dong!!!!)… It was the middle floor, front to Main Street with a tiny balcony… It was like St. Elmos Fire in that apartment.. high ceilings… just wonderful. I get my kids to the intersection of 27 and main street every Memorial Day… warms my heart… it’s why my babies were born at CCGH… It’s home to generations now!

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