The Armacost Clan . . . at Meadowvale Farm

Meet Pepper and Wayne Armacost’s family. I LOVE this family. They are the warmest group of people I think I’ve ever met . . . and let me tell you, they make marriage look good!


Wayne and Pepper showed me an album from 1972 . . . a photo shoot that Pepper, her two sisters and parents did on this same property.  Pepper had made her own pink and white minidress, complete with Gucci belt. She was hot! Wayne agreed with me on that one!

That photo album inspired them to create a record for their own grandchildren.



Page & Ian



Wayne Jr. & Amanda (and new baby Tennyson)


And here are baby Tennyson’s feet cradled in her grandparents’ loving hands.




And Mr. Jessop, “Pop” is a true gentleman.  Four generations of his progeny. Whoa.


Meadowvale Farm will be a magical place for all the Armacost grandchildren to spend lazy summer days, not only because it is a child’s adventure haven, but also because there are lots of loving arms to run to wherever you turn.


View the slideshow!!



3 Responses to “The Armacost Clan . . . at Meadowvale Farm”

  1. Hey I know them…..well not really, but I know of them. My sister used to be friends with Paige. I don’t think she’s talked to her in ages…

  2. Nancy, Katie, and Rachel Says:

    After lots of ahhhs and ooos and awwws, Katie said, “We’re gonna have something like that one day, won’t we Mom?” Oh, to be so blessed. What a gorgeous family, inside , outside, and all around, Wayne and Pepper. I loved seeing Tennyson and talking bridesmaids dresses with Paige (ha!) yesterday at church. Much love from our fam to yours.

  3. Gram & Pap Says:

    What a beautiful family – and now you have photos to enjoy too! The memories will be fueled with your picture taking afternoon. We love your spirit and the inspiration you give to all families with 4 generations who love and care for each other. Dory & Ed

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