Cat & Sean Brady . . . Quantico, VA

All night long I heard stories about how smitten Sean is with Cat.  No wonder. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. And let me tell you, she is the kind of stunning that reminds me of the movie stars of the 1940’s.  Their wedding was on the Marine base in Quantico, VA.  And for her toast to her new groom, Cat pulled Sean out on the dance floor and they danced like Hollywood royalty. . . .  afterward, they tore it up on the dance floor all night . . . 21st century style. I can tell that they are best friends and lovers. Beautiful.



Both families were so warm and engaging. This is one couple whose children will be saturated in love and affection from all sides. I was so fortunate to shoot this wedding with Kim Green of Kimberly Brooke Photography. Enjoy these photos.
























Click here to view Cat & Sean’s Slideshow!


2 Responses to “Cat & Sean Brady . . . Quantico, VA”

  1. The flash bulb shot is my favorite – these images are lovely!!! Nice work!

  2. Catherine Brady Says:


    Sean and I are so appreciative that we have a few photos already from our magical day. I can not wait to see what others you have. Thank you so much for being such a vital and special part of our wedding. I really enjoyed meeting you and it was such an honor. Our friends and family absolutely love the slide show, and we can’t stop watching it ourselves! THANK YOU so much again!!!

    God bless,

    Catherine & Sean

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