Darby & Jeremy Jollie . . . Mr. & Mrs.

During the homily, their pastor, Eric Smith, remarked that when Darby first came to visit their church, his wife Esther remarked, “There goes Jeremy Jollie’s future wife.” Call it prophecy, call it a woman’s intuition, call it chemistry floating in the air . .  she was right on target. This couple is so sweet, and their faith runs so deep, and it was obvious that they are starting their marriage on the Solid Rock.


From our first meeting at Panera, mid winter, over cookies and coffee, I have come to recognize just how deeply Jeremy cherishes Darby, and how Darby looks to Jeremy as her protector. Sweet, sweet love.

If you want to see more fun pictures of the jolly Jollies, you can click here to see images from the wedding and the romantic bridal shoot that followed at The Inn at Roop’s Mill.  If you preregister as a guest (it’s free, so why not?) I will send you a photographer’s gift credit in the amount of $5.  Also, to get updates when pictures are posted to this blog, including when more of Darby and Jeremey’s wedding pictures are released, subscribe to this blog. Look for the subscription link in the menu on the right.



Click here to watch the slide show!!












































2 Responses to “Darby & Jeremy Jollie . . . Mr. & Mrs.”

  1. kimberlybrooke Says:

    So amazing!!!! I love the sun flare shots and the bubbles! SOOO pretty Kathy! Rock on!

  2. WOW WOW WOW these are AMAZING! I knew they would be….not only from what I’ve seen on here before their wedding, but I was actually watching you as you took their pictures. I could tell just from watching what you did that they’d be awesome. I could see how creative you are. Oh my goodness I wish I knew you did this when we got married!!!!! ugh…well there is nothing I can do about that now, but you will TOTALLY be taking pictures for us at some point! I still would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to take our pictures sometime before we have another baby. Either before I get pregnant again(like in the fall, I’m hoping to get pregnant around the fall or winter….we’ll see….) or when I am REALLY pregnant with a big belly….not sure yet, but we really don’t have any good pics of the 3 of us because I never go to a studio or anything like that, I’ve taken all of Savannah’s pics (except for once). oh my gosh, I seriously can’t get over these pics. Maybe part of it is I just love Darby to death and you just captured her happiness……and that makes me happy!
    oh and it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome to see you again too! It has been way way way too long!!!!!

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