All in a Freundel Day . . .












It’ the kind of day that I love. A lazy summer house project day . . .  everyone home, working and playing together. This day, it was a project whose time I have been begging to arrive. Refinishing our dining table. It was sticky, sticky. Like don’t use a paper plate or it will become part of the table sticky.  My thought was that it was the sun’s rays shining constantly through the sunroom down onto our wood table top that was causing it to be sticky and gooey. However, when I googled the problem, I learned that it was because I have been wiping the table down with water, which disintegrates the finish. And as the finish got stickier, I thought I should use a degreaser to clean it all off.  Guess what? Carl just  bought me my first bottle of Murphy’s Oil Soap. I am recovered.













Carl is becoming good at so many of these projects. Like our church pew seating?  With eight little ones, we needed to fit lots of little bottoms in as little space as possible. We tried benches, but we had some casualties . . . little ones reaching for a roll and taking a tumble! We found these antique wood church pews on Craigslist, borrowed our neighbor’s pickup, drove down to Park Heights one December night . . . (yea, we were a little nervous!), and picked up seven of them for ten bucks a pop! We have them all over our house. We use them for family devotions, family puppet shows, jungle gym equipment, . . . a favorite is when the kids spray them with furniture polish, put on socks, and slide away!
























One of the best parts of project day is tearing a room down, and cleaning it the “mom and dad” way. That makes me love my home. The other great part of  project day is three squares out on the deck.  Carl makes stacks and stacks of pancakes and sausage to get  project days off and running. In some ways, these days are most precious of all.  Working together. Playing together. And a nice smooth table. Makes me think we should refinish those church pews. I’ll keep that one to myself.















The day was also full of myriad home adventures. Spring cleaning of the playhouse, roller skating down the cul de sac, playing doctor with Caroline’s new doctor kit that Gram bought her for earning beads at “gram school.”



















Nice work, huh?  


Freundel life. The sweet life.


P.S. When Carl read this blog, he said, “Wow. I don’t remember the day being all that fun!”

That’s the beauty of journaling and blogging . . . I’m able to focus on the good parts, forget the hard parts, and build a great memory!


7 Responses to “All in a Freundel Day . . .”

  1. Loved this post! Especially the PS. Isn’t it so true? That is why I love photographs. Your family is gorgeous and so loving…how blessed you are!

  2. Jenna M. Says:

    Kathy…you are so right! We choose to be grateful…there are so many times we get carried away with the craziness of “life with kids” and unless we look (often in hindsight) we let the blessings slip right by. Thank you for sharing your heart…

  3. These are wondeful! Your family is amazing! Cant wait to see you guys again!

  4. Precious. Once again, here you go pouring out for all who dare and care to share your gift for life, love and the thrill of little things meaning a lot! You are one in a million…and your family and friends are all the richer for knowing and loving you. And i’m so happy that i am one of those lucky ones! (-* oxoxox

  5. #1 I want that table!!
    #2 I want to live with you for just one day! 🙂 lol…
    #3 which one of your beautiful kids is in the first picture?? OMG her eyes are AMAZING!! wow
    #4 ok I’m done…. 🙂

  6. Kathy Freundel Says:

    Hey Rachel! That’s my sweet Caroline. And you come on over!

  7. Deb Johnson Says:

    Whew! I just went through this post and shed a tear! Family time IS so precious! It’s refreshihg to see a mom of eight not get bogged down in the daily routine! Like I said before…A feel Good Site!

    Feeling Good surfin the KF. Carl! Oh My! I had no idea you had that kind of talent! I’m impressed! Oh, and Rachel…I want that table!

    See you Friday!,


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