NCF Youth Camp at Holbrook Hollow Farm

I love my church family. You’ve heard me express my affection for New Creations Fellowship many times on this blog. Here’s another reason why I love NCF.






By daytime, he’s our town dentist, practicing alongside his dad and two brothers. (he’s in the tie-dye shirt) But come July he’s the best camp director around. Kevin Resh planned and executed our first annual (hopefully!) New Creations Youth campout at Holbrook Hollow Farm. Nineteen campers spent three days listening for God’s still small voice in the woods, by the lake, under the stars, and before a roaring campfire. They learned vintage camp songs that we’ve been hearing ever since in our home. Each day was packed full of adventure, physical challenges, craft time, music time, and they ate way better than we eat here at home! (steak and shrimp hobo meals in the campfire?!)  Carl went each evening to spend time with the campers and to love on our three that were participating. And to provide some campfire music. When we went to pick them up on Saturday, they had that wonderful look of happy exhaustion that only camp can produce. Wonderful memories. Thank you, Kevin and Alysse, for making this happen.




















One Response to “NCF Youth Camp at Holbrook Hollow Farm”

  1. YOU, Kathy Shilling Freundel, are just picture perfect(ly wonderful)! No only do you capture the joy of the moment behind the lens, you have just the right words from your heart to go with it to make those shots come alive. i love you.

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