Beth & Brycen. Married.

Family. Celebration. 

What a inspiration to see this family, full of love and life, celebrate the marriage of Beth & Brycen.  From the beautiful wedding in historic Bolton Hill to the elegant party that followed at the Center Club, family and friends were the hallmarks of the day.  One of my highlights was watching  Beth, her four sisters and two brothers tearing it up on the dance floor together. Brycen is marrying into a loving, big family, and he’s in for the ride of his life.

Once again, what a pleasure to accompany Kimberly Brooke on another photography adventure. Do you want to know why I love working with Kim so much?  She is God’s indulgent blessing in my life. And I didn’t even realize I needed her until God sent her. Sweet.










































3 Responses to “Beth & Brycen. Married.”

  1. kimberlybrooke Says:

    Girl – you are fast!!! how on earth do you edit and blog with 8 kids and I only have 2???? you are amazing. beautiful.

  2. Once again…you have outdone yourself. Please do not think i am merely saying this to be kind. It is the absolute truth! i giggled at the SMOKING photo! i love your sense of humour and how you find so much fun to share in the world. i like being a part of your world. oxoxo

  3. I love every single one of your photos! You are an amazing photographer and I hope that I am as good as you someday! =)

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