Gregg Olson. Orioles Hall of Famer.

He even said it. The grass is greener here in Baltimore . . .  it’s the fans . . .  the fabled history. It was awesome to see the Olson family honored by baseball fans during Gregg’s induction into the Oriole Hall of Fame.  It’s because the Olson’s are so much more than your average baseball family. They are the kind of family that has a living faith, that consistently puts others above themselves, and whose pattern of loving and giving is a qualifier to every “Gregg Olson”  tribute speech that I’ve had the pleasure to hear.


Gregg’s dad, Bill, gave his induction speech, and his words conveyed just how much baseball has solidified their father/ son relationship. There is such a mutual respect and love between them . . . Bill was Gregg’s coach . . . taught him to throw that curve ball at age 13, but wouldn’t let him throw it in a game until age 14 at which time he could throw only one per game. Olson curve ball lore. 


Gregg’s beautiful wife, Jill, and their children, Brett, Brooke, Ashley and Ryan, were there to celebrate Gregg’s honor. I met Jill thirteen years ago . . . we  had just both had baby boys, one week apart, and we grew close through those early years of motherhood. Jill has always drawn me closer to God . . . she has taught me so much about being a friend.  It was such an honor to be able to share in and document this incredible day for the Olsons.  Oriole Park even played “Wild Thing,” and I heard  “Otter!!!” shouted from the stands.





Jill and Brett anticipate Gregg’s induction.




Gregg was inducted alongside Phil Itzoe, the longest tenured traveling secretary in the major leagues, and “Wild Bill” Hagy. Pretty good company.





Gregg’s dad, Bill (the winningest high school baseball coach in the country) gave his induction speech, as Gregg’s mom, Sandy, and sister and husband, Tammy and Justin looked on.






Jill and the boys . . . love and respect running deep.













Mr. Personality, Ryan, kept my lens happy all night.




Throwing out the first pitch!



Ashley, Kristiana, and Brooke . . . oh, was there a game?


Gregg had a line of fans waiting for him as he left Oriole Park. Baltimore loves their baseball legends and the Olsons love Baltimore right back.


5 Responses to “Gregg Olson. Orioles Hall of Famer.”

  1. Ellen solaas Says:

    We are some of the lucky Californians that have been blessed by the Olson family in more way than one. As humble as they are, we had no idea that Gregg was being inducted into the hall of Fame until Brooke told my daughter right before they left. We were so sorry we could not witness the great honor bestowed on Gregg, but it was wonderful to see these beautiful pictures. Congratulations and may God continue to bless your lives!!!!!!!!
    The Solaas’

  2. Ron Cooper Says:

    It’s the early 1980’s. I’m a streetbum in Omaha Nebraska. Really. “Get out of that dumpster you dirty bum.”Viet nam vet, dumpster diver, knew how to steal newspapers, serious baseball fan. started to hear about this kid. Every bit as good a hitter as he was a pitcher. He didn’t know or I’m sure care, but for what ever reason I followed his career. Never read a bad word about him. Good things happen to good men.

  3. I’m surprised he still has hair. FREDTERP

  4. Kurt Tintelnot Says:

    MEt Gregg a few times when he came thru Pittsburgh and he was impressed by my massive collection of his cards. I now own 300 of his rookie cards! Talk about being a fan of someone! Then thanks to eBay I now own two of Gregg’s GAME WORN JERSEYS,1995 Indians and 2000 Dodgers,the Dodgers jersey is also signed by Gregg! Now with those two jerseys in my collection,I can say I’m one of his LUCKY fans! Good luck in life with your beautiful family Gregg!

  5. […] watched Brett grow up, and landing my lens on him was like channeling his Dad, Oriole hall of famer Gregg Olson, as a younger man. Their expressions and mannerisms are uncannily identical. Brett is the total […]

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