Luau. New Creations Fellowship Style.

I overheard someone say, “This party is SO New Creations.” Yup. I agree. Stan and Kelly Dabkowski put on such a fete . . . Kelly was so crazy busy all day, I couldn’t even catch her in front of the lens!! But you’ll find Stan right behind the pig. The Dabkowskis give, give, give to our church family, and this day was no different. 


Rebecca Rhoten does a hula dance like no other!




Carl on the uke!




Stan and Babe. (I mean, the pig . . .)  See Evelyn beside Stan? She is a limbo queen!




 Unbelievable limbo champ, Lindsey Nichols, cheered on by hula champ, Brittany Decker.





My Sam goes for the eats . . . oh, and to be held by the pretty girls!





Brooke Leppo and Katie Salafia . . . gal pals.



Hula dance off. Look at Will’s face!! I think he knew he was defeated, but Josh gave him the victory.




Hula master, Wayne Armacost . . . you should have seen him do all these hoops at once!




Women were impressive. Very.



Men . . . well, I missed the shot because the contest was over before I could get my camera up.




But, the menfolk were impressive at the limbo.



Harv, the lifeguard.




Caroline knows a beauty when she sees it.


I’ve said it here many times before . . . New Creations Fellowship . . . we are real people living out our faith, one day at a time. Come see for yourself.




One Response to “Luau. New Creations Fellowship Style.”

  1. Oh, Kath! How much fun! What an incredibly FUN and wonderful memory this will be for all of you! i LOVE the way everyone is so UNinhibited and just loving the experience! OH! AND I DO THINK YOU SHOULD DO AN ENTIRE PHOTO SHOOT OF CAROLINE AND THE TRUCK! THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED! OLD MEETS NEW AND BLOWS THE WORLD AWAY! You HAVE to do it! i love you! oxoxox

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