When Katie was born, I was a single school teacher. I used to leave early for work a couple times a week so that I could go to her house and hold her after her morning feeding. Here she is . . . all grown into a beautiful woman. And her inner beauty far surpasses her outer beauty. She is kind, compassionate, and always for the misfit. She is brilliant, joyful and good at every single thing she tries must have some faults, but I haven’t found any yet. She wants to go into the medical field, (maybe a pediatrician?), she plays volleyball, hosts a girls’ Bible study in her home, and has the nicest friends in the world . . . her best friend is her sister, Rachel, and her MOM!  She has a real and authentic faith, and she’s not afraid to share it. Her life has not been easy, but she is a living example, that if you choose to focus on the joy, you will have a great life! Can you tell how much I adore her?  Katie.

























This is my beautiful sis, Nancy. If I have the kind of relationship with my daughters that she has with Katie, I will be ecstatic!!


Click here to view Katie’s slideshow!


One Response to “Katie.”

  1. i love it! i love it! i love it! (-* Katie! You were talking to the camera this time! i have a feeling the real you came out — how beautiful! (-*

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