Tait. Renaissance Man.  More well read than I’ll ever be. Ties flies for fly fishing . . . he has all the authentic equipment. Started his own newsletter when he was a preteen . . . and that Tait can write! I had the pleasure of tutoring him a couple of years ago in writing. I saved all his papers, because when he is a famous writer I’ll be able to auction them on ebay and take a vacation to Provence. No kidding. Now Tait is a web designer, interning with one of the best in the area, and  a builder on a Habitat for Humanity team in Baltimore City.  Tait is a Huso. Huso is a legacy to live up to, and Tait is well on his way.
























Tait and his Mom, Angie. She gets mucho credit for encouraging Tait to read voraciously and experience life fully. 

(Just for the curious . . .yes, they homeschool . . .four kids, and Dad, Dave who is a doc at Hopkins is an integral part of their lives and schooling . . .they’ve never owned a television or a gaming system . . . they raise bees, they each have their own garden plot to experiment . . . one year they grew peanuts! . . . they joined a great books book club . . . our kids call the Huso home “magic,” because it is!)

Click here to view Tait’s slideshow!


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