Michael. Oh boy.  On Sunday, we had church at the Wooden’s farm . . . so that meant “party time” for Michael. We were outside under a canopy of trees, with leaves and dirt and Daddy Long Legs right at our feet. Michael knows how to play me like a fiddle . . . so, he pushes the limits until he knows I’m about to lose my religion, then he smiles up at me and says, “mommy, take a picture of me.” He gives me that grin and my frustration turns to adoration. Michael, one . . . Mommy zero.


5 Responses to “Michael.”

  1. wow i could have sworn that was Isaiah! Hehehehe! love it!

  2. i, too, would have zero, Kath. The sparkle in his eyes just melts my heart. He is going to have a lifetime of ladies wrapped around his little finger! i adore you both! (-*

  3. Great pic! Great time! Great God who makes beautiful kids-no matter how old they are. God probably sees me looking up at Him with that same grin.


  4. Nancy Corman Says:

    Ok< make me melt, his face is completely precious!!! What a great shot to show those beautiful eyes and smile.

  5. Kath, This is my fave blog you’ve ever written! i will never read it that i don’t fall in love all over again with Michael (aka Isaiah!)

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