New Life.

Reid said, “There is no such thing as a private baptism . . . because a baptism is as much for the body of believers as it is for the individual.”  Amen. And each time I see a life reborn in Christ, it builds my faith. I am reminded that God is real and at work, and that gives me hope. This year, I was especially blessed to participate in the baptism of my Lily. 


Although she could barely stand in the water, she was adamant about wanting to be baptized this year . . . after some sandal issues, she was ready to go.



A little bashful, but ready to go.















One happy Daddy.


My neice, Juliana.







 . . . and her sister, Katie and Rachel were baptized.












Sarah, Amy and Dad, Doug.





















Best part of the service . . . family and friends are invited to speak into the lives of those being baptized. Awesome and moving.


My elementary classmate, my friend, my pastor. Reid has baptized all my children. Wow. 

2 Responses to “New Life.”

  1. That is pretty awesome! I was baptized in the Ocean which was cool as well

  2. Wow, you all do baptisms in a pool? That a good idea! 🙂

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