Labor Day. Freundel Style.

(side note:  I wanted to capture all the ambient light in the incredible Baltimore skyline, so I set my ISO up to 3200, set the aperture at 3.5 and the shutter at 1/13 sec. Then, I used one of those tourist display signs as an instant tripod, and wallah! . . . beautiful Baltimore on a summer night. All these photos are straight out of camera tonight . . . I’m tired!) 


In classic Freundel style, we waited until the very last day to take in Body Worlds at the Maryland Science Center. I am so glad we did! Wow. What an incredible exhibit.  Plastinated human bodies on display in all manner of cool poses . . . it was an incredible anatomical study, and all the kids were enraptured. What a great day to end the summer vacation. 

Driving into the city, Kristiana and Carl were practicing for American Idol.  The Decemberist’s Yankee Bayonette . . .  currently, that’s their favorite duetin’ song. Tim was in the back seat chanting, “Beatles . . . Beatles . . . ” but Kristiana remained firm (this time.)



Next stop, Checkers. We had to get off at National Pike, but well worth the minor detour.


Got there. Parked. But, now would we score tickets to the exhibit on it’s last day. Here comes Carl to give us the verdict . . .  ugh, the tension has us on edge. Look at Lily’s forced smile and Will’s stern mug.



We’re in!! WooHoo. Now we can sit on the steps overlooking the harbor and enjoy our wonderful Checker’s picnic.



Oh, and feed the pigeons our french fries. I think that may have been the highlight of the whole day for Lily!



Contemplative Caroline.



 Loose cannon, Lily.




When we came out of the exhibit, the harbor was BEAUTIFUL!! What a joy to be on the water on a perfect “end of summer night.” Lots of people, lots of lights, lots of life. I LOVE Baltimore. 





Tired, but happy, Carl makes a pit stop on the way back to Westminster and orders us eight cones from Mickey D’s. It was Rita’s Ice at the harbor for $32. or McD’s on the road for $8.72. The manager even came out to see who in the world orders eight cones, and when he saw me standing by his take out window with my camera poised, he looked at me like I had lost a screw. I told him I was documenting our last day of summer. He made us nine cones by accident! So, he got to eat one!


If you have a chance to see Body Worlds, go!! It is a fascinating and awe inspiring exhibit. It just makes me wonder why anyone could  believe that the incredible human body was created by random chance or evolution.  This awesome exhibit gives evidence of an awesome Creator. 



3 Responses to “Labor Day. Freundel Style.”

  1. Kath, you have such a gift for “showing” what it “feels” like to be part of the most wonderful family in the world. i LOVE the frozen memory of Carl and (my) (thanks for sharing) little Kristiana belting out a tune together. And the shot of “contemplative” Caroline — what a treasure. Anyone who knows her knows that look. You captured the REAL Caroline in all her beauty and splendor. And that shot of LILY!!!! Oh! What a little darling! So “there” in the world.

    i LOVE being part of the Freundel family! It is so cool to be able to share in all the festivities! But where were Sam and Michael (aka I…)????

    i love you guys!

  2. Kathy Freundel Says:

    hey deb . . . did you find the Oceanside carryout? Yummmmm. Sam and Micheal . . . camp Gram and Pap!

  3. Great post Kathy! Can’t believe summer’s over!

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