Laura. Wes. and Hannah.

What happens when a tropical storm threatens your outdoor wedding for 300? If you are Laura and Wes, you thank God for the blessing of rain, put on a big smile, and have the time of your lives. No kidding. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a bride more relaxed, nor a groom having more fun at his wedding. These guys were so amazing. Just check out our little after party “trash the dress” session. So much fun. 


I babysat for Laura when she was a little girl living on the farm next to my newlywed sister’s farm. Then, Laura babysat for my children when she was a college co-ed. Laura and Wes will make awesome parents. They have an awesome faith, a strong family value, and wonderful families and friends for support.


I shot this wedding with Kimberly Brooke, and she, Pete and I had so much fun in the rain. Pete was also the officiant and spoke the most life giving, encouraging and challenging homily ever. Kim and Pete are an amazing team, and it is always such an honor for me to shoot with them.



























































8 Responses to “Laura. Wes. and Hannah.”

  1. Kathy, wow – seriously beautiful shots, I love that Laura is so free spirited! It was wonderful to see you at the wedding and I hope we can catch up soon. xo

  2. Kathy, You are a fabulous photographer and amazingly FAST! I love the shots that you shared and Laura’s reflection in the massive puddle is awesome. Laura is such a fun friend and a gorgeous bride. What a sweet couple. I love that Hanna did not steal any of their joy! You and Kim are awesome. Thanks for sharing the beautiful and creative shots. It was nice to show Mark since he was home sick! ~ Lisa A.

  3. these are some of the cutest wedding photos I have ever seen. You are an amazing photographer. (and i seriously want to come and shadow you once i graduate!)

  4. Kathy Freundel Says:

    You bet, Jenna. You come shoot with me . . . you’ll be teaching me 🙂

  5. first of all – how is it that your household is fuller than mine and yet you can make blog posts so fast?? you rock. i love these photos…. thanks so much for being so fun that day!!! and thanks for the phone conversation today. i actually made headway on the project!

  6. I love the “trash the dress” photos. I would have never imagined doing that but the photos turned out great! I love how Laura and Wes worked Hanna into the wedding as if it had been planned. These are wonderful photos! If I ever have a wedding I may have to see if you’re available… 🙂

  7. Looks like fun! Nice work Kathy! You & Kim make a great team =)

  8. Kathy! I am sooooo blessed that you were able to attend and be such a huge part of our wedding day! You and your family have been such a blessing in my life and I pray that one day I can have an impact on someone as you have had on me. Thanks Again : )

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