Jake. Big Two.

Hard to believe the little man is already two.

He’s a miracle, and the lives that he’s already touched are countless.

And . . . he is a blessed little boy, to be born into the amazing and loving family that he now delights.

Well, I guess I am partial. Jake’s my nephew.
























Yup. My sister is really just like she appears in the photos. Nancy LOVES being a mother to Jake and her four beautiful daughters. Her joy radiates and makes her even more gorgeous.  Nancy and Chris take family seriously, and, boy does it produce some good fruit.







Again, a special thank you to Kim of Kimberly Brooke Photography for the studio. Friends like Kim are GOLD.

Click here to see Jake’s slide show!


9 Responses to “Jake. Big Two.”

  1. kimberlybrooke Says:

    These are sooo precious. I love them all – especially Jake laughing/screaming in the crate!!! But I especially love the last one!

  2. I cannot choose just one. I love them all! Handsome nephew. Gorgeous sister. Awesome photographer. Beautiful pictures!

  3. Those are fantastic – you have captured pure sunshine in those pictures. Jake is precious, your sister continues to be gorgeous, and the love between them is so evident. I just want to jump in the pictures and hug both of them.

  4. Jenny (Henderson) Bennett Says:

    How wonderful to see you a mom in your full glory, Nancy!

    I’ve often wondered how you’ve been over the last 25 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed the glimpses I’ve gotten through Kathy’s incredible photography. I wish you all God’s continued blessings and would love to hear from you when you get the chance.

    Love and hugs,

  5. Kath,
    You really captured the joy of the Jake we’ve come to know and love over these past two years. This little guy has spread more hope, love and inspiration in two years than most of us will in our lifetimes.

    Your gifts as a photographer help remind us of just how precious Jake’s life is to all of us. Thank you.

    Jake’s Pap

  6. Once again….you have created magic for us all to share. i was so excited when i saw Jake’s name on your list! i think about him so often. It was so wonderful to see his little shining face and think back to when we were all so worried about him. He is such a happy little miracle. oxoxox And Nancy is as beautiful as ever!

  7. Carol Bisceglia Says:

    Jake is beautiful and enjoyed seeing the pictures very much. Some day we will be able to see him in person I hope.

    Carol & Bob

  8. Jake serves as a real life example of a P.U.R.E. person –

    • P (Perfect) – Let there never be a doubt – people with disabilities have been created “perfectly” by our loving God just the way He desired and for His purposes just as we “normal” people are created in His image. Whether disabled by an accident or at birth, nothing happens to us without first being filtered through the fingers of our loving God. God is always and forever, sovereign. God has not made a mistake and these people like us, though not perfect in a sinless sense, are perfect as desired and designed by God.

    • U (Unique) – Not only are they people, but they are unique in their abilities, gifts, needs, blessings, desires – in every way like us. In any case, it is only when we take the time getting to know the disabled person, learning new ways to communicate, “rising up” to meet them where they are, that we truly experience their uniqueness.

    • R (Receptive) – Except for those with the most critical and severe issues, P.U.R.E. people are generally extremely receptive and responsive to people who take the time to interact with them. Whether it is a loving hug from a person with Down Syndrome, a large smile from a child with cerebral palsy, or brief eye contact with an autistic young boy – the desire to connect is evident. It has been said that no person is so disabled as to not respond to an act of love.

    • E (Eternal) – We can never forget that pure people have eternal souls. In fact, there are no “disabled” souls. We must be clear doctrinally in what we believe. Like young children, people with disabilities, unable to mentally understand and accept Jesus as Savior, are already saved. Mentally capable disabled people, and parents and siblings of all people with disabilities, like us, need to hear the Gospel, respond to the call of Jesus and be saved.

  9. Wow how cool are these pics. How different our emotions are now when we see this little boy growing up. From where he started to where he is now is just a gift from God. How full Chris and Nancy heart must be and relieved on what a wonderful child they have added to there already amazing family.

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